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  • STICKY  How to help [updated]

    Hi all, In December 2010, the volunteers who created the original Camerapedia...

    camerawiki9 days ago3 replies

  • STICKY  Creating a login at

    Hi there, Do you have a correction or an addition you'd like to make to a wik...

    camerawiki3 months ago10 replies

  • Universa Interflex TL

    Just got this one today in a box full of old stuff. It's obviously a more or les...

    René Maly2 months ago3 replies

  • Lenses and flashes

    How do you feel about adding pages concerning lenses and flashes? I see some ...

    René Maly2 months ago4 replies

  • Frank Six Model II

    Hi - I am new here. Hello :) I've just added five photos to the pool of a Fra...

    Alastair Dandy2 months ago2 replies

  • Wiki Crossroads has accomplished quite a lot since February 2011, including addi...

    camerawiki3 months ago52 replies

  • Anyone know about Vemar or Bittco Vemar lenses?

    I've run across several Vemar badged lenses on eBay lately and noticed we don't ...

    steevithak3 months ago3 replies

  • Another magic number

    Just for fun, pause to watch our page-counter click past 7777! Last time I looke...

    Dustin McAmera3 months ago10 replies

  • wiki-pages unavailable?

    This afternoon i was typing a piece about the Ilford Sportsman 300L, when i firs...

    René Maly3 months ago27 replies

  • Igetar

    I saw this discussion in the Agfa Billy group:

    Dustin McAmera4 months ago2 replies

  • Signal Corps US Army G-3 (Graflex 3A SLR)

    My 98 year old 3a is rare but I can't find much information about it other than ...

    canon7dude6 months ago2 replies

  • New cameras from 1955

    I have a magazine from 1955 that gives all the cameras sold then and little revi...

    inetjoker6 months ago7 replies

  • Some bad cats

    I'd like to hear opinions on some changes I want to make to wiki categories. I h...

    Dustin McAmera6 months ago6 replies

  • How does one express a contrary view?

    All history is subjective because it is interpretive. How does one express a c...

    Colonel Blink8 months ago13 replies

  • Thanks to all for more than 75.000 photos

    #75.000: nice Kodak Six-20/Six-16 pair by Guy Lordat

    uwekulick9 months ago1 replies

  • F.126 electronic?? (update)

    This came in a large box (i like surprises!) full of cameras that i bought recen...

    René Maly9 months ago4 replies

  • How to help

    Hey all, we've made a huge amount of progress in the past months since we split ...

    Voxphoto11 months ago22 replies

  • Help identifying this behemoth?

    What I do know, it's a Contessa! It has a little badge saying so :-) It has no o...

    SteveFE11 months ago3 replies

  • Site problems?

    I noticed someone added this odd message to the index page of the site: "The ...

    steevithak11 months ago19 replies

  • J.B. Wood Flash Tronic

    Looking for information on this J.B. Wood Flash Tronic - 40's era flashgun... ...

    canon7dude12 months ago8 replies

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