Comment Code

Please let me know if this is a good idea. I am working with the lovely Zaxy to create a code for our group! We are all in this together so I would love your input!

Thanks muchness!

Alicia Lynn 11 years ago
Comment codes are nice as long as they aren't to big & messy. I would love an invite code as I am still inviting people like crazy! :D
You are too sweet, Alicia! We are not trying to compete with some of the larger groups. It will be a very simple code stating that "I saw this in Cameras....". Short and sweet!
_davidh_ 11 years ago
Hey Christie, an invite code would be good. I`ve invited my son Jake (spydaa13) to join by pasting the link but it`s neater and looks better with an invite code. You`re doing a great job with the group too!
Thanks, David! I am trying as I am a bit of a non-computer person. Well, I can use it but that's about it. I hope between me and Xazy we will come up with something useful!!! Tell your son to post all his great photos!!! I will check them out!
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