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I am in the process of doing a little pool cleaning. If you think I shouldn't have removed your photos let me know why.


  • Hi All I am new~

    hello, I am planning to make a 4x5 point and shoot with some of the old camera ...

    seanyonstreet24 months ago1 replies

  • pool pollution

    Hi. About off-topic submissions, I have been wondering lately if the name of th...

    Caustic Surface34 months ago1 replies

  • thoughts on the mercury kickstarter?

    "The World's First Universal Camera A modular, open camera system capable of sh...

    jojonas~40 months ago1 replies

  • New Life for Fuji X-T1

    I had two accidents with my fuji and while the camera works I now cannot get the...

    wojconner45 months ago0 replies

  • Camera advise

    I want to buy a camera, I dont want to spend much money, is there any good ideas...

    annewalters45 months ago3 replies

  • Simple electronic shutter ideas?

    I've scoured the internet and can't find the answer to this puzzle - I'd like to...

    Mark Dalzell45 months ago9 replies

  • Distance to ground glass surface in 4x5

    I've read that 5mm or 0.197 inches is the distance from the surface of the film ...

    nicholas dunning45 months ago5 replies

  • slr mirror angle, size and placement

    So, is the mirror in an slr at 45 degrees to reflect light up to the focus scree...

    nicholas dunning47 months ago2 replies

  • Light seals and pressure plates

    I am making a camera out of wood and I have some self adhesive foam that I'm goi...

    nicholas dunning56 months ago5 replies

  • Lens Mount (3d Printing)

    I'm currently working on building a polaroid peel-apart and 6x7 camera based on ...

    steffen14160 months ago1 replies

  • Pool cleaning

    Is anyone going to clean up the photos in this pool? I'd say maybe 1 in 10 ph...

    The Instant Camera Guy64 months ago11 replies

  • paint slr camera?

    Hey I have a Ricoh Kr-5 super two that is black. I am wondering what kind of co...

    Jonathan Östberg65 months ago4 replies

  • Changing lens mounts

    Anyone have any success changing lens mounts from, say, a Canon FD or similar to...

    Jay DeFehr66 months ago15 replies

  • anybody interested in a 25mm Elcan f/2.8 that will cover 6x9?

    Its a former IMAX projection lens that i was going to build into a pre-focus han...

    present roll68 months ago3 replies

  • Help!

    I just won in ebay my first project camera. This:

    cybad86069 months ago2 replies

  • Rolleiflex SL66: mod Arca-Swiss Pola back ?

    to get to know my SL66 i'm shooting Fuji pack film in the SL66 polaroid back. i'...

    rise3high69 months ago3 replies

  • Plans for a 6 x 6 pinhole camera

    Hi I really would like to make my own 6 x 6 pin hole camera using 120 roll film...

    mchphoto70 months ago1 replies

  • 3D drawings 6x12 camera

    Wondering if anyone has drawings on an 6x12 camera? a friend of mine has a 3D pr...

    kristofer.sjostrom70 months ago11 replies

  • Suggestions for a camera using 2 1/4 x 3 1/4 sheet film

    I was recently given some 2 1/4 x 3 1/4 sheet film and holders. I don't have a c...

    QsySue74 months ago12 replies

  • "unusual" materials?

    hi everyone. It is doubtful whether one needs another web-forum discussion on t...

    Digital Is So Yesterday, Darling74 months ago9 replies

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