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Calumet suddenly has gone out of business

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nightstorm_2 says:

Their website is gone and the news is starting to surface that Calumet photo is closed and filing for for bankruptcy. petapixel.com/2014/03/13/calumetphoto-us-declared-bankrup... My main concern is that I have the Genesis lights and now no way to get replacement flash tubes that I know of. I would hate to replace my entire setup because I can not get a replacement flash tube. If anyone has any information, please share it and I will do the same.
1:09PM, 13 March 2014 PDT (permalink)

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photopath says:

The UK web-site is still up - you could try ordering a few spares to stock if they can ship them to you before the shutters come down

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High_plains says:

Dose anyone actually who made the flashed for calumet, I think we could continue getting tubes from them
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Photon47 says:

Stores in other European countries are still there as well.

The manual for my PowerPort has a section that has apparently been replaced via some kind of sticker, presumably with corrections or changes. On that, it refers to the flash as the "Jinhui Genesis 300B", so I assume it is made by Jinhui. This here appears to be their website.

However, none of the studio flashes listed there resembles the Genesis series, so I assume it is somehow custom made, at least the outside part. You could always write to them and ask if maybe other models share the same flash tubes and/or if they offer replacements.
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