beauty dish

paul s marshall photography 8:52pm, 14 December 2011
anyone know of any beauty dish's that will mount these lights?
preferably the 300b
blueglum 7 years ago
They take elichrom mounts. There is a post
here about a speedotron with a modify mount that works. 7 years ago
I found one on Amazon from Fotodiox. Works fine :)
Photon47 Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Photon47 (member) 5 years ago
Just got an E-Mail from Calumet that they are now selling a beauty dish of their own. They have several different sizes and matching grids. It seems to be silver only so far, though, so it is not the Elinchrom equivalent of the Profoto Softlight Reflector I was hoping for.

Here in Europe, Foto Walser ( also sells a silver beauty dish in various sizes with Elinchrom mount, but that one is silver only, too. Even though their equipment isn't usually of the highest quality (I wouldn't trust their stands and booms with my equipment), I imagine that the build quality on a beauty dish wouldn't be too much of an issue.

I also found a white 22" beauty dish on eBay from a Canadian seller called studio-98, but they only seem to ship to Canada and the US, and even to there, their shipping rates are quite high. They have an optional speedlight mounting bracket for their beauty dish, though.

Here is hoping that eventually Calumet will come out with a white one in the future.
Nikonparrothead 6 years ago does a white 16-inch dish now.
Photon47 5 years ago
There is now a white 22" beauty dish from a company called LumoPro:

Apparently it comes with the sock included. A grid is available separately:

Looks like it has a universal mount adapter that lets you use it with all sorts of studio light speedrings (including Elinchrom/Calumet) and speedlight brackets for use with hotshoe flashes.

They have a dealer in the Netherlands, which means we Europeans don't have to pay exorbitant shipping costs.
Nikonparrothead 5 years ago
That's probably an outstanding deal. If I didn't already have a 22-inch dish, I'd look into one myself. Depending what you do, go for the grid too.
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