Michael Nika Photography 3:45am, 14 December 2010
I know the Genesis lights take take the Elinchrom mount, so there aren't a whole lot of options out there aside from Elinchrom itself. I'd like to try and keep costs down as I'm just starting out, so I'd rather go for a cheaper dish if possible.

Has anyone here used the Interfit beauty dishes? How are they in terms of build quality? And their light output?

I also found a seller on ebay that goes by "studio-98" that sells some elinchrom accessories. I haven't found much info on them, but they do have 100% feedback.

They're selling a 22" beauty dish with grid and diffuser sock for $109, which seems likes a good deal


Anyone know of it?
afterhoursproduction 8 years ago
I just read on POTN that there is an issue with the Modeling lamp sticking out far, and that may cause problems with BD and grids...

Someone on this thread.. mybe a page or two back there was a picture...

I wanted to get this 400w light but not sure... not too many good reviews...
What do you think?
chris_epperson 8 years ago
I'm using a 16" dish much like this one. For the grids I slide the reflector in till it rest against the lamp and the grids will fit. Works great.
blueglum Posted 8 years ago. Edited by blueglum (member) 8 years ago
Nice mod there! That looks like a great option as well.

I imagine I'm going to need to find a shorter modeling light to fit any beauty dish? Has anyone found adequate replacements?
blueglum Posted 8 years ago. Edited by blueglum (member) 8 years ago
afterhoursproduction 7 years ago
This Beasuty Dish said its for the Calumet Genesis... but its more expensive at $160
cgi.ebay.com/Beauty-Dish-55cm-22-40-Honeycomb-Grid-Calume... from

I will not order from him because he/she doesnt answer emails and when it does, rude...
chris_epperson 7 years ago
I have ordered a few things from OEC with no problems.
photopath PRO 7 years ago
You can always just remove the modelling lamp when you use the dish.
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