longing attraction [deleted] 7:38am, 12 August 2010
I'm looking to add a softbox to my Genesis 200 kit. I'm on a super tight budget, and the Calumet Nova 32 softbox is on sale for only $42! Calumet's speedring kits are a bit pricey ($65), but I found Cheetah Elinchrom speedrings that fit the Genesis for only $13.

Any reason I shouldn't go with this setup? Looks like a great deal.
paulcjones 8 years ago
It looks like it'll work. I have a Nova 32 softbox and the speedring from Calumet - it works, but eh. I'd buy a cheaper one if I could have.
afterhoursproduction 8 years ago
I was looking into this Gensis 400 KIT with that Softbox... How is it?
afterhoursproduction 7 years ago
I hope you bought it because the price went up.. as in no longer on sale...

My kit arrived... images posted in the gallery
Did the cheetah elichrom work for your 200 kit? I purchased it and it seemed like the diameter of the holes wasn't matching up. Let me know.

lumpyfree1001 PRO 7 years ago
check out back ground warehouse the universal speed ring works great i bought a 54" x34" box with silver lining for a hunderd bucks with a grid
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