barrykhan 1:44pm, 7 July 2010
Decided to go for one of these, if only the powerpack would work with the 400's.

Will go to Calumet this afternoon to have a gander.

I use speedlights but trying to set up a lightweight studio set up... I have a few wescot umbrellas, I wonder if these will fit these lights.

Cheers for any assistance.
I think the 300B is my next target. The portability of the power is a handy addition. As you say, I wish it was more powerful, but is there not only one stop (or less) of a difference. I'd suggest taking a meter with you and checking them out at full power on a basic reflector.
unbiased wrench [deleted] 8 years ago
You can buy a Genesis 400, and then buy a Vagabond II.
gainful government [deleted] 8 years ago
300b and power-pack is a cracking little unit. I have one. Like the fact it can take 220v and 12v pack, so dont need to buy the power-pack to start out. Certainly the one to get over the 200, but I might also buy the 400 in the future.

I think its about one fifth the weight of the vagabond.
barrykhan 8 years ago
How many full power flashes do you get out of a fully charged battery pack?

afterhoursproduction 8 years ago
"You can buy a Genesis 400, and then buy a Vagabond II. "

does this work?
afterhoursproduction 8 years ago
I have the 400 Softbox Kit arriving tomorrow so, ill test it this weekend... maybe shoot some video
chris_epperson 8 years ago
The Vagabond will power the Genesis lights.
photopath PRO 8 years ago
Unless you are working outdoors or lighting a huge set and need a big flash / subject distance then power shouldn't be an issue. I don't think I've ever used my 200s at full power. Shooting with grids, soft-boxes, brolly or reflector, I usually have the opposite problem and can't get the power down low enough to shoot at wide apertures.
Price wise - there's not a lot in it so I suppose, for versatility, I'd go for a 300b and add a battery pack later if I felt I needed it / wanted it. (need/want are not always the same!)

Your brolly should fit - it's just a standard thumb-screw type fastener for the shaft of the brolly
afterhoursproduction 8 years ago
I will put it through some shots and see what I can come up with.. Check out the images in the Gallery fresh out the box....
IMG_0870 by afterhoursproduction

Im very excited
firefighter4u 8 years ago
very nice, can't wait to see the results of these lights!!!!
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