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What Case for calumet genesis do you use?

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fskulstad says:

any good tip?
1:18AM, 28 June 2010 PDT (permalink)

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Chad Simcox says:

I keep mine in a large rolling suit case. It doesn't look like camera gear, and I can pack 3 heads, all cables, and a few modifiers in the bag.
99 months ago (permalink)

unbiased wrench [deleted] says:

Go to home depot, look at the tool chests.
They have some very large ones that'll fit both my Genesis 400s, and reflectors

Just buy some foam to put in it to pad it
99 months ago (permalink)

longing attraction [deleted] says:

I bought the Photoflex Transpac single kit case for my Genesis 200 2-light kit. Its a sharp looking case, well built, and the wheels are a godsend. A good price too. I saved the foam from the original packaging my lights came it and used it for extra padding so the heads don't shift when moving the case.

It carries the whole kit:
2 heads
2 10' stands
2 reflectors
2 umbrellas
2 50' extension cords
1 tripod

And has room for the softbox an speedring I'm going to buy, but not enough room for much else. If you're planning on carrying more than that, I would go with the dual kit case.
98 months ago (permalink)

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