Mike Rollerson Photography 5:07am, 27 March 2010
I use speedlites (Canon 580EXII and a few Yongnuo YN-460s). I just recently used the Travelite 750's and would like to look into some actual strobes - the travelites are a bit expensive, but the genesis are relatively cheap.

A couple questions:

1) The travelites had a modeling light that would dim when taking a shot and slowly raise their brightness back over a few seconds. can the Genesis 200 do this? (I like it much more than the constant modeling light, or the ones that cut out for the duration of the flash but then return to full power instantly).

2) I have CTR-301P Transmitters - will these work with the Genesis 200s?
The connector piece is the bigger end of the plug in this picture:

3) Can I use my speedlites and the strobes at the same time (via the transmitters above)?
blueglum Posted 8 years ago. Edited by blueglum (member) 8 years ago
You will need a double mini plug. The genesis have mini jacks.
I never noticed if the modeling lamps dimed on mine.
So I don't think they do, there is a power adjustment
for the modeling lamp. Also a built in optical slave.
Some people don't like the reflector that comes with them.
I use mine with a softbox so I don't mind.
Good value strobe light though, can't go wrong.
chris_epperson 8 years ago
Yes the modeling lamps do dim when the flash fires. They are a great strobe and you can get some modifiers on ebay for a great price.
Thanks everyone! Do they dim just for the period the flash fires, or do they dim and slowly raise again over a second or two?

And what's a double mini plug? I'm new to anything outside of speedlites, so I'm only used to hot shoes :)

As for modifiers on ebay - would you recommend not getting the ones calumet offers, and just go on ebay for everything? Can you recommend a good softbox for it? (preferably for full-body portraits)
chris_epperson 8 years ago
They dim when the flash fire then raise up fairly quick. There is also 3 setting for the modeling lamp, full, 1/2, or off. The mini plug is a wire with what looks like a 1/8" mono headphone jack on each end. I have bought a beauty dish a octabox from the ebay seller below. I've been very happy with both.


Shot using the octabox

Shot using the beauty dish with a grid
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