10:01pm, 11 February 2010
Hello there.
I am quite struggling to get a pure black backround when trying to light the model in the front.
The problem is, my space is limited in my studio, its around 14 feet, so I can make around 3 feet distance among the model and the black background.
When light up the model from one or two sides with Calumet Genesis 200w lights with a 106cm brolly, they will go grey or even lighter.
Anyone help me?

Do not have a softbox, but need one defo.
Is there any solution not to light up the background?
photopath PRO 8 years ago
Difficult to do if space is limited and you only have a brolly - especially if your studio space has light walls / ceilling.
Try to use "flags" to keep as much light off the background as possible.
Put your lights as close to the model as you can so that the ratio between the model light and the light falling on the background is as high as possible. (this should also give you a softer light on your model)
Angle your lights to avoid spilling onto the background as much as you can.
Choose your background material carefully - look for something which will soak up as much light as possible.
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