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battery pack?

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i heard that there is a battery pack made for these lights?

any info on where to buy some please let me no...

i looked on the calumet website bit i couldn't find them...

11:44PM, 18 February 2010 PDT (permalink)

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photopath says:

No battery option as far as I know. (there's no battery input)
There are also warnings about using invertors and generators with flash heads as some of the wave-forms can cause problems.
I've wondered about using a UPS with a sine-wave output but it all gets very heavy.
102 months ago (permalink)

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Michael J Ross says:

I haven't used it personally, but have a look at this:


Relatively cheap and way more powerful than a vagabond.

Vagabond batteries have been used (not by me) with Genesis lights as well.
102 months ago (permalink)

rebel memory [deleted] says:

Confirm on --
102 months ago (permalink)

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photopath says:

Now if you had just waited a few days......


It doesn't look like the battery pack will work with 200 / 400 heads though and there's still no sign of either of them in the UK.
Originally posted 101 months ago. (permalink)
photopath edited this topic 101 months ago.

unbiased wrench [deleted] says:

I just ordered a vagabond to use with my 400's today.

I'll post back in a week and say how I like it
101 months ago (permalink)

unbiased wrench [deleted] says:

After some issues, I figured out you have to run it on fast with the vagabond or else it'll keep restarting.

It does have a few minor bugs but it'll work
100 months ago (permalink)

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TheOriginal_kevie says:

Picked up a Explorer XT SE from innovatronix works like a charm
i can run 3 genesis 200 full pop takes a quick 5 seconds to recycle.
most of my lighting setups are one to two lights at half or less.
But i was shooting yesterday in early afternoon/mid day sun and need to go full pop with one light and the battery worked fine. I am very happy with my purchase.
98 months ago (permalink)

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chris_epperson says:

I was looking at the Explorer but went with the Vagabond. Should be here Friday, I'll give some input on how it works with the 200's.
98 months ago (permalink)

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chris_epperson says:

I received my Vagabond on Friday and played with it some on Saturday. It worked fine using one 200. Today I picked up a power strip w/out the surge protector and it ran both 200's fine. It will run the 200's on fast and slow also.
98 months ago (permalink)

gainful government [deleted] says:

I went with the 300b and battery pack.

Cracking piece of kit for the money - I also have an Elinchrom Quadra, and have to admit I'm impressed.

98 months ago (permalink)

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lumpyfree1001 says:

pure sine works great i still use mine get at least a 600wat inverter
and use a marine trolling battery
94 months ago (permalink)

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