Robertv! (Edinburgh, UK) 11:58pm, 31 January 2010
Hi all,
I've search around for an answer to this, but not found anything.

What parts would I need to use some Bowens S Softboxes on a Calumet Genesis lighting set? The lights take Elinchrom fitting by design.

Any advice appreciated!

(Also posted over at before I found this group.)
dcrane1000 9 years ago
I'm not familiar with the Bowens S Softoxes, but if the interface between the Softbox and the light is a speedring, I suspect that an Elinchrom compatable speedring would be all you need. Based on a Bowens speedring at, it looks like a standard ring. You might want to check:
for info on a speedring adapter you might be able to use on your current Bowens speedring. Of course if something other than a standard speedring is used, all bets are off.
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