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Triggering Genesis Monolights

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JedisFlickr says:

Can i trigger two monolights the following way:
One with a radio trigger and the second with the photocell as a slave ?
Or do i need two radio receiver ?
Best regards
4:12AM, 31 January 2010 PDT (permalink)

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dcrane1000 says:

You can fire the first via radio and the second via slave. Be sure you set the slave to fire on the first flash it senses otherwise it won't fire.
103 months ago (permalink)

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photopath says:

Absolutely - as long as there's not another flash going off in the room. If you're sharing a space with other photographers it's safest to go with a pair of triggers or a trigger on one and a PC lead back to the camera for the other.
103 months ago (permalink)

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paulcjones says:

I have just one trigger - I use the built in light trigger to fire my second Genesis, and bought a PC connector slave trigger for my 580EXII to use as a third light, pending a third Genesis 200
103 months ago (permalink)

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