Bill Stahl Photography 8:40pm, 10 January 2010

I'm currently in the market for some studio lights. I have been looking at the Genesis, Alien Bees and Flashpoint. My biggest concern with the Genesis is the cost of replacing the modeling lamps and the flashtube. Alien Bees claim their flashtube is good for 250,000 + flash's and cost $35 to replace which is about half the price of the Genesis. Just wondering if anyone has had to replace their flashtubes yet and or how often do they need to be replaced.

Thank You in advance,

Rashad Penn PRO 8 years ago
The flash tube seems to work well under pressure, its the modeling light i have a problem with. after 2 months the modeling light just poofed on me, so i cant see where my shadows are falling until after I've made my shot.
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