TwoBlockRule 7:52pm, 27 December 2009
By traveling I mean in the back of my Honda Pilot until I get to the site. I now use a 580ex2 and a 430 with my 5Dmk2 fired with Pocket Wizards. I'd like to get studio lights for larger groups....wondering what type of setup people are using to travel from home to site...

paulcjones 9 years ago
I have a hard sided rolling case almost as big as me - takes two light stands, two genesis 200 monoblocks, two umbrella's, a nova 22 softbox (collapses), tripod, stands for the reflector and the collapsed 5 in 1 circular reflector.

With all the cables, clamps, light meters, my 580 ex MKII in the pockets - it's *almost* a one bag kit.
Michael J Ross 9 years ago
I use a folling suitcase with the foam sheets top an bottom an the cardboard inserts from the original packaging. I wouln't fly with this, but it works well for the back of the car.
Chad Simcox 9 years ago
for local travel, I use a soft suitcase.
auspicious linen [deleted] Posted 9 years ago. Edited by auspicious linen (member) 9 years ago
I have a hard plastic case about 4.5 ft long. It's made by Plano Molding. It fits four light stands, extension cords, umbrellas, 3x4 softbox (collapsed) the genesis 200, standard reflector, 7" reflector and some clamps. it has wheels on one side so you can pull it along!
Rashad Penn PRO 8 years ago
Has anyone used the Calumet System Lighting Case? I'm thinking about getting one to carry the genesis 200 lights.
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