photopath PRO 12:06am, 22 November 2009
Any thoughts or experience on the best softbox size for the 200 series lights?
Mostly for shooting head/shoulders or 3/4 length but the occasional full length shot.
How big do I need and how big will the 200s drive properly.
Shooting with a D700 so I gain a stop already with it's native 200 ISO but I'd like to be getting around f8 with the lights a reasonable working distance back.
MarkBakerPhotography Posted 9 years ago. Edited by MarkBakerPhotography (member) 9 years ago
This is something I would also like to know.
lumpyfree1001 PRO 9 years ago
the power is the main concern a 24x36 is the biggest you can go
anything else you have to put the box right next to the subject . the calument nova series are priced real nice but you still need a speed ring and adapter. look at the samples i posted in this group
photopath PRO 9 years ago
Thanks lumpyfree1001 . I've got a 100x70 cm Calumet box coming from e-bay. I'll let you know how I get on with it.
MarkBakerPhotography 9 years ago
Thanks lumpyfree1001, not much bigger than the box that they sell with it.
MarkBakerPhotography 9 years ago
It looks like both the 200 and 400 are sold with the Calumet 24 x 32" Nova soft box. I wonder how big you can go with the 400?
deadpan sugar [deleted] 9 years ago
I also use the Calumet 24x32 soft box and get wonderful 3/4 shots and it has enough power to shoot all the way to F16 if you need it. Thats of course dependent on light distance but its a great softbox and cheep!
photopath PRO 9 years ago
Still waiting for mine........
auspicious linen [deleted] 9 years ago
I've got the 3x4' Nova Softbox...I get great light from it between 40-50 power. I'm usually shooting at ISO 200, F11, Between 125-200 shutter speed. The only thing I will say...It's a bit heavy for the Genesis 200. I really crank down on the tilt lock!
Michael J Ross 9 years ago
I love my medium nova soft box. I can get f8 with both diffusion panels at a decent distance.
paulcjones 9 years ago
I have the speedrings on back order, then can play with my new, smallish softbox and 200's
photopath PRO 9 years ago
Mine arrived yesterday.

At full power the 200 is giving me f16 (200 ISO at 1 meter) which is more than adequate.


Now, to find some willing victims.
Bradley B Photography 8 years ago
I haven't tested actual output with a meter, but I figured I'd chime in. I use the Nova 48"x36" box on my Genesis 200 with good results. The only thing to note is that it is a little on the large side for that unit, so you have to make sure to tighten the vertical swivel handle really tight. I've used it on multiple shoots though, with good luck.

Here's a shot taken with that setup:


Also, us a Photoflex 16"x22" Softbox frequently from above, which with it's small size *almost* gives the same feel as a beauty dish. Here are some examples shot over the weekend:

ben-christmas-1 ben-christmas-2

Hope that helps!

-Bradley B.
matthew2000tx PRO 8 years ago
I also use the Nova 3ftx4ft box on my Genesis 200 with good results.

Still Life- Red Shoe Set Up

Red Shoe- Darker Background

Red Shoe Vertical

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