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exultant trade [deleted] 8:08am, 2 August 2009
Anyone here shoot with their Genesis monolights at locations with no power available (ie. the beach or park)? What have you used as far as getting power? Calumet has a battery pack but kind of expensive. I've heard of people also buying portable generators.

Anyone have any experience with this?
Dubtastic 9 years ago
I would recommend the Vagabond. It is really great to use and only $299.

We had a senior shoot where we went outside. I ran a power strip off the Vagabond and powered a JBL iPod docking station so we had a little portable music, too.
be carefull with generators... they need to have perfect sine curve or something like that. If not, they fry your flashes. do some research into it before getting a generator. there are some that advertize perfect simulated sine and such... be weary.
deadpan sugar [deleted] 9 years ago
the Vagabond is made for flash use hence it being made by the maker of alien bees! Great portable power supply for up to 6 flashes!!
valreyjung 9 years ago
I was considering the Vagabond with the gensis, but I just wanted to make sure everything would work fine. I have never used one of the battery packs. how was the power through out the shoot?
nice looks like vagabond is the way to go thanks
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