Biddy-r 8:52am, 11 July 2009

My Genesis 200 2-light kit has been on order from calumet for 6 weeks now, still waiting....

During my rather long wait I have been doing rather a lot of reading. So far bought a light meter; Calumet DFM 3 of Ebay £72.

I am now looking at Ebay triggers, there seems to be rather a lot of misfiring issues with the older PT-04 models but the newer CTR-301P seem to be ok ?

Do we have anyone using these to trigger the genesis lights, any feedback ?

My plan was to fire the genesis lights using PC port on receiver of CTR-301 and with a second receiver fire my 580EX wirelessly. I realize I can use my 580EX to fire the genesis lights using the built in light sensor. But I was thinking of using 580EX for separate background lighting, perhaps with a home made snoot.

I am completely new to studio type lighting, any feedback / advice welcomed, my budget is rather small so pocket wizards out of the question at the moment.

Thanks in advance...
Dubtastic 9 years ago
I am not personally using them, though a fellow photographer had purchased a set. He too ran into the misfiring issues and said that after showing up to a paid gig with them, and having them fail, he scrapped them. Rather than move to Pocket Wizards, he opted for the Paul C. Buff Cybercyncs instead and has enjoyed success with those.
matthew2000tx PRO 9 years ago
I just got Pocket Wizards to be safe.. Never have a misfire at all. All you need is two.. I set my other lights on optical slave. My flash meter has a built in pocket wizard so that makes life easy.
Biddy-r 9 years ago
Many thanks for your replies.
I have took the gamble and ordered a set, will post my experience with them upon reciept.
Michael J Ross 9 years ago
The 16 channel triggers have a mini plug that goes right into the genesis. I found the PC sockets on the ebay triggers to ruin the sync cords--beware!
If you have some soldering expertise, you can solder a mini plug to the PC terminals of the ebay triggers so they can plug right into the genesis.
valreyjung 9 years ago
does anyone have experience with the Elinchrom skyports and the Genesis?
paulcjones 9 years ago
I've read that they work fine.

I just picked up 2 Genesis 200's and am using ebay trigger RC-04 to fire one of them with the other on slave mode.

I have an optical slave peanut for my 580ex MKII so it can become a background light.

i'm considering a multi channel ebay trigger so I can fire one Genesis 200 and the 580 - as it does NOT like to fire off my RC-04

But, so far and fingers crossed, not a single misfire on the Genesis 200!
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