TheOriginal_kevie PRO 4:31pm, 5 June 2009
Not sure if anyone here does location shooting
but when i initially bought these lights i didnt do much other
than in my studio, so power wasnt an issue i just plugged them into the wall and away i would go.

Now that i am doing more location stuff i had to shelve my 200s and use some pocket flashes ala strobist style for the location stuff.

But someone figured out a solution for getting the genesis 200's mobile i had a chance to see it working at our last meetup and he posted his setup in our discussion

I know for a long time ive been searching and couldnt find a workable solution or a straight answer for how to power these lights but i think this the closest and best solution so far without having to switch to another light brand (alien bees, travelites, etc.)
Martín-O 9 years ago
thanks a lot man!!! :-D
matthew2000tx PRO 9 years ago
that is great.. but it seems it would cost about as much as the Alienbee's Battery... right?
lumpyfree1001 PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by lumpyfree1001 (member) 9 years ago
but the thing is you can change to a larger battery and or larger power supply and with the 300-600watt system run more lights as well as aux lights
with the aliens batt and power it is a bit more portable but limited to 150ws the same as 150w system i built
but if your in a pinch you build one day and use it the next day (charging time)
diy is a fun project and its just another option and if you have a extra car or trolling batt you just saved 60-100 bucks
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