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  • O-nizer, where are they?

    And how can i make polaroids in photoshop so i can save them as jpegs?

    gr8motive62 months ago1 replies

  • Kick Start

    Thanks to all of you who have joined as a result of my most recent invitation......

    O Caritas86 months ago6 replies

  • Milestones

    A little late in getting to this, but over the weekend, our 500th and 600th memb...

    O Caritas86 months ago27 replies

  • Deleted... Oops!

    Dinking around with fd's flickrtoys, I accidentally deleted a few images from th...

    O Caritas110 months ago0 replies

  • Over 400 Calling Cards, Over 800 Members

    Things have been chugging along rather slowly here... I've been rather busy and ...

    O Caritas118 months ago0 replies

  • Vote for Polaroid-o-nizer

    Hi all! Anyone heard of the Flicky Awards? Well, the Polaroid-o-nizer has been n...

    polaroid-o-nizer118 months ago0 replies

  • 666 members :O

    ... not good! Quick invite someone!

    Baston118 months ago6 replies

  • Nuggets

    There is a new group called "nuggets"! This group is to show any pictures of cut...

    spilltojill118 months ago1 replies

  • FlickrAlbums

    For kicks, FlickrAlbums of the first 300 Calling Card images are ready for viewi...

    O Caritas118 months ago13 replies

  • Mirrors

    Thank you Google! http://polaroidonizer.5gigs...

    Jan de Vries118 months ago3 replies

  • Change Links to Application

    Because the original site for the Polaroid-o-nizer has been shut down, please ch...

    O Caritas118 months ago0 replies

  • Remember... Only One Per Person!

    Just a friendly reminder to limit your contributions to the pool to one photo......

    O Caritas119 months ago5 replies

  • Please Link Up

    Please remember to link up to your Polaroid-o-nized™ original photograph... Th...

    O Caritas119 months ago7 replies

  • You want to do more, don't you?

    Okay, since I know that you're all dying to do more, here's an idea... Create...

    O Caritas119 months ago17 replies

  • 300th Calling Card!

    Hey it is! boo We have reached 300 Calling Cards, this lates...

    edwardjackman119 months ago1 replies

  • Welcome!

    This is such a cool idea... I think I saw this a couple of days ago on The Trisk...

    O Caritas120 months ago18 replies

  • Saving Images on PC

    We've gotten a few notes from those having trouble saving images to their comput...

    O Caritas120 months ago15 replies

  • hmmm | can you do this on a PC w/out special software

    Hiya; i got an invite thank you thank you thank you, so am new, but i can't s...

    hazeyjane120 months ago10 replies

  • 400+

    Timing is everything, I guess... jekemp happened by at just the right time to...

    O Caritas120 months ago5 replies

  • 200+ Calling Cards

    aleykat has posted the 200th Calling Card to the group... Polaroid-o-nizer that's enough f...

    O Caritas120 months ago2 replies

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