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Tom W at Getty Images ADMIN March 1, 2012
ANNOUNCEMENT 1 March 2012:

As you are probably aware, we have not been accepting new submissions via this group since last July.

We have now made the decision to make that closure permanent, and also close down the Discussion forum in this group.

We WILL be reviewing all of the images still in the pool over the next few weeks, so there will still be invitations going out for some of you to join the Flickr Collection on Getty Images. However we will NOT be notifying everyone of reviews, since we will be using a different system. So if you do not get an invitation in the next month, then unfortunately your submission in the pool has not been successful.

This does NOT mean we have stopped inviting new people to work with us. On the contrary, over the last few months we have invited more new contributors than ever before. We are just going about it a different way, more like the way we did in the beginning, with editors searching through Flickr for images in areas and subjects we are most in need of. So if you still want to participate, the two best things you can do are
1) Make sure your images are well captioned and tagged so that editors can find the images from the places and subjects they want.
2) In your Privacy & Permissions settings under “Make your photos eligible for invitation by Getty Images?” select “Enable the "Request to License" badge on my photos AND allow Getty Images editors to invite my photos”. That will allow editors to select your images and also allow any potential customers who see your photo on Flickr to request to license it through us.

If you have more general questions about Getty Images and Flickr, the group Getty Images on Flickr is still available, though you cannot make submissions there.

Thanks a lot for your interest, enthusiasm, and patience.

Group Description

Welcome to Getty Images Call For Artists
We've created this group to give Flickr members the opportunity to submit a portfolio of 12 images to Getty Images for consideration to become a contributor to the Flickr collection on Getty Images.

Selected members will receive an invite via Flickrmail to join the Flickr Collection on Getty Images. The Flickrmail will detail the images that Getty Images editors feel would do well as part of the collection, and it’s up to you to decide whether to proceed with some or all of the images they’re interested in.

For more information on the collection in general please see the Getty Images FAQ pages

How do I submit?
To make a submission, post 12 images that represent the best of your work. It must be 12 photos or illustrations, no more, no less. The images must be posted at around the same time (within a few hours) so that our Creative team will be able to see them all at once and review them – looking at style, subject matter and technical skill.

* Tip: Once you've joined the group, use this Organizr link for the easiest way to submit 12 images at once.

What happens after I've submitted?
If some or all of your submissions, or other images from your photostream, are selected for the Flickr Collection on Getty Images you will receive an invitation via Flickrmail. This invitation will show you our initial selection of images and introduce you to the enrollment process.

It can take up to a few weeks from the time you post the images before you receive an invitation, and unfortunately we are not able to give individual feedback on submissions. If we don’t invite you to join immediately, please don’t take it personally! There are many factors involved in image selection and that make an image right or wrong for this particular collection. You are welcome to try again with a different submission of 12 images the next month.

A few submission guidelines:
• A submission should consist of 12 images, no more, no less.

• Images should be relevant to a creative, commercial stock photography collection, so subjects like news, celebrities, and product photography should not be included. Images with logos and trademarks should also be avoided or retouched. (Not sure what we mean? Why not search the current Flickr collection and head to our discussion thread where we'll be discussing this in more detail)

• You must have access to the original files, which must be at least three megapixels in size

• You must be able to provide model or property releases where appropriate (What's a model release?)

• Images must not be licensed to any other users or through any other agency or distributor (Can I sell my Creative Commons-licensed content?)

• You must be the creator and the copyright owner of the image

• The photos must be set as “public”. Even though you are able to post "private" images to the pool, please make sure the photos you submit are set as "public", as only those can be selected by us.

• The photos must be set as “Safe”. Our editing tool does not "see" images set as "Moderate" or "Restricted".

Getty Images FAQ | The Flickr collection on Getty Images | Getty Images on Flickr group | Follow Getty Images Want on Twitter

Group Rules

English | 繁體中文 | Deutsch | Español | 한글 | Italiano | Português


Submitting images to the pool does NOT automatically add images to the Getty Images site, nor convey any other rights.

If some or all of your submissions, or other images from your photostream, are selected for the Flickr Collection on Getty Images you will receive an invitation via Flickrmail. This invitation will show you our initial selection of images and introduce you to the enrollment process.


向分享區提交圖片不會自動將圖片增加到 Getty Images 網站,也不會授予任何其他權利。

如果你提交的部分或全部圖片,或來自你所有相片的其他圖片被選中用於 Getty Images 的 Flickr 珍藏集,你將會收到透過 Flickrmail 發送的邀請。 此邀請會向你顯示我們初步選中的圖片,並向你介紹註冊程序。


Durch das Einreichen von Bildern in den Pool werden WEDER automatisch Bilder zur Website von Getty Images hinzugefügt NOCH sonstige Rechte abgetreten.

Wenn einige oder alle Ihrer eingereichten Bilder oder andere Bilder aus Ihrem Fotostream für die Flickr Sammlung bei Getty Images ausgewählt werden, erhalten Sie über FlickrMail eine Einladung. Diese Einladung enthält Ihre ursprüngliche Bilderauswahl und stellt Ihnen das Anmeldeverfahren vor.


Publicar imágenes en el mural NO las agrega automáticamente en el sitio de Getty Images ni otorga otros derechos.

Si algunas o todas tus propuestas, u otras imágenes de tu galería, resultan seleccionadas para formar parte de la colección de Flickr en Getty Images, recibirás una invitación a través del Flickrcorreo. Esta invitación detallará nuestra selección inicial de imágenes y el proceso de inscripción.


La soumission d’images dans le pool n’entraîne pas automatiquement l’ajout de photos sur le site Getty Images et ne donne aucun autre droit.

Si l’une ou l’ensemble des photos soumises, ou même d’autres photos de votre galerie sont sélectionnées pour les collections Flickr sur Getty Images, vous recevrez une invitation via Flickrmail. Cette invitation vous permettra de consulter notre première sélection d’images et vous présentera le processus d’inscription.


풀에 이미지를 제출하면 이미지가 Getty Images 사이트에 자동으로 추가되지 않으며, 어떠한 권한도 이양되지 않습니다.

제출한 이미지의 일부나 전부 또는 포토스트림의 다른 이미지를 Flickr Collection on Getty Images용으로 선택하면, Flickrmail를 통해 초대를 받게 됩니다. 이 초대는 처음 선택한 이미지들을 보여주고 등록 절차를 소개합니다.


L'invio di immagini al pool NON le aggiunge automaticamente al sito di Getty Images, e nemmeno conferisce altri diritti.

Se alcune o tutte le immagini che hai inviato, o altre immagini nel tuo album, vengono scelte per la raccolta Flickr su Getty Images, riceverai un invito tramite Flickrmail. Questo invito ti mostrerà la nostra selezione iniziale di immagini e ti presenterà il procedimento di sottoscrizione.


Enviar imagens à galeria NÃO é garantia de que elas serão adicionadas automaticamente ao site da Getty Images, nem representa qualquer outra garantia.

Se algumas ou todas as suas imagens enviadas ou outras imagens de sua galeria forem selecionadas para a coleção do Flickr na Getty Images, você receberá um convite via Flickrmail. Esse convite mostrará a você nossa seleção inicial de imagens e a introdução ao processo de inscrição.

Additional Info

  • This group will count toward the photo's limit (60 for Pro members, 30 for free members)
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images, Art
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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