Winston85 4:54pm, 16 May 2012
I'm talking pushing during development. Vistek won't do it.
SeanEsopenko 6 years ago
If they won't do it I don't know who will. Did you check any of the Vancouver places (mail order) to see if they'll do it?
Winston85 6 years ago
I didn't bother checking other places in Canada because there's already a half dozen reputable places in the USA will do it.

I'll have to see who is legit in Vancouver.
Rachel Teresa Park [deleted] 5 years ago
ABC Photo out of vancouver is good. I personally haven't used them before, but I have friends who send stuff regularly and love them.
Yun Lei 5 years ago
hi,I am a new immegrat,I develope film by my self,I have a machine to process film.but I want to know that where can I buy film chemistry in Calgary or Canada?thank you for your help!
cody.swanson PRO 5 years ago
Fanglulu "the camera store" on 802 11 Ave SW sells chemistry and there are several knowledgeable film guys that work there. It's where I buy all my chemistry.
Yun Lei 5 years ago

thank you very much .
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