Daria ... 9:34pm, 23 April 2008
Hi everyone
I am using the black fondant (sugarpaste)for the first time.
I would like to know how to make it shine.Is there a way.I heard that some put gelatine melted with water! or egg white? does anyone has a better solution.I never tried them but I find them a bit weird.
thanks for helping me.
artamuse, if you roll your fondant out using shortening, you will get a lovely sheen on the surface.

If you want a shine (like a lacquered furniture surface) then I think you will literally need to apply a coat of sugar lacquer. I've never done it, but the product is out there, so it must work - I'm sure one of the other members can add more info...

Good luck with it!
Haniela PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Haniela (member) 9 years ago
I found this recipe on sugarcraft site
Edible Varnish

Great for making shiny gum paste leaves, etc.

Edible Varnish

1 t. gelatin
3 t. water
1 t. liquid glucose

Sprinkle gelatin in the water. Let stand until it becomes spongy. Dissolve until clear over hot, not boiling water, Add the liquid glucose and stir until ingredients are well combined. Pour this mixture into an airtight container. The mixture will get very stiff. To use it, heat the varnish in a container of hot, not boiling, water. Paint onto the item to be varnished while the mixture is still hot. The edible varnish should NOT be kept in the refrigerator.
Haniela PRO 9 years ago
also found this one
a corn syrup/alcohol mix (half and half) to glaze over. It takes a little time to dry, but is shiney!
babushka bakery 9 years ago
The easiest way is to paint over the black fondant with black luster dust (mix with lemon extract.)
sarah288 9 years ago
You can buy a laquer in an aerosol can, called deco spre. But it is quite expensive and not always easy to find.
Daria ... 9 years ago
thank you so much for all your help I will try each one of these recipes to find which one suits the best.
Haniela the only problem I have is to find corn syrup in france.
Sarah laquer deco spray I can find it here in france it is indeed very expensive but I thought that it wasn't good for the fondant.now that you tell me it is I will try it if the other recipe doesn't give the shining I want.
Just cupcakes thank you for your recipe.is the sugar lacquer you are talking about is the lacquer that sarah is telling me about?
Thanks again
sarah288 9 years ago
Corn syrup is sold as glucose syrup in the uk, maybe it is the same in France.
Debbie C.B.'s PRO 9 years ago
a hair blower set on med hot held not to close will give any icing or cake coating a smooth shiny glaze
HONEST its true
chefs crazy secret

dont get too hot or close it will melt and slip
sha_zaam! 9 years ago
I've not tried this but I've read that you can hold your decorations on top of a pan of boiling/ simmering water and let the steam give it a nice shiny glaze. This will also help to remove excess cornstarch/ confectioner's sugar on the decorations.
Daria ... Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Daria ... (member) 9 years ago
A hair blower???!!!! debbie I will defenitly tyr this one too...I could'nt imagine that! Thank you fo rthe tip!

Sha_zaam I can't imagine myself holding my sugarpaste in my hand over a boiling pan it is too risky I think!:)unless it is really small pieces of decoration!

As for the glucoe liquid I have it in france indeed.But i think it is thiker than the corn syrup!

I have a lot of recipe tips to try today, I have to give the cake tomorow!
black is so mat!
Many htanks ladies for your help
Haniela PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Haniela (member) 9 years ago
You got me studying corn syrup and glucose syrup ;-))
I just found this article about both
Is "liquid glucose" the same thing as corn syrup? I have many cookbooks from Europe and it seems they all call for this ingredient in certain baking or frosting recipes.

In cooking terms, corn syrup in this country is very often referred to as glucose. But it is not pure glucose; it also contains a fair bit of another, more complex, sugar, dextrin. Also, in that corn is largely an American crop, corn syrup has not been widely available in Europe. So your European cookbooks are really calling for pure glucose, which has probably been processed from grapes or honey.

Pure liquid glucose is available in supermarkets in Europe, but is harder to find in the US. So now that you've learned all that you need to, either track down some glucose, or use light corn syrup in your baking and frosting projects. After all, who's going to notice a little extra dextrin?

If light corn syrup is not available, you can substitute a sugar syrup made with 1-1/4 cups sugar and 1/3 cup water, boiled together until syrupy. If your recipe calls for dark corn syrup, we’d suggest using a sugar syrup with a dash of dark treacle or unsulfured molasses, both of which are derived from sugar cane.
Haniela PRO 9 years ago
Artamuse,Please post the finished cake.
Daria ... 9 years ago
I would love to post my cake haniela!!!
thanks for all your explinations...
but guess what I am so maaaadddd! after using 1 kg of black sugarpaste preparing the decorations and trying to find with you how to make them shine . they contact me this afternoon to cancel the cake...can you imagineeeee I am so upset! grrrrr!!!
but at least now I know how to make a shining black paste thanks to all of you. and specially that corn syrup is glucose after all.
thanks to all !!!
a bientot!
Haniela PRO 9 years ago
O I`m so sorry to hear that, I would be really upset too. Hope it works out next time. Have a good weekend.
Jeez97 9 years ago
I almost always have a shiny fondant because of the humidity where I live.
I just read that using a manual steamer you can acquire the glossy finish. The ones sold for traveling seems to have a good size and will do the job!
cdgleason 8 years ago
I work in a cake shop and we use a tiny bit of shortening on the surface that we roll the fondant out on, and we use a hint of shortening on our finger tips to perk up the shine after we have rolled it out and cut it into the right shape!
Black is a really hard color to work with too, it's always easiest to buy the fondant alreadyy colored. like Satin Ice. you can find the black fondant and other colors at:
it's a wonderful cake shop, and I am lucky to live just a few miles from the store in Indiana!
~~ cindy
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