Vilvesh 2:05pm, 15 December 2019
Chennai Weekend Clickers members have travelled to various parts of India. Have witnessed different culture, climate, people, celebrations, rituals.

So how does Travel walks are planned?

CWC as a community believes in learning & sharing together. So, travel walks are planned among like minded people. It is as simple as that. We don't believe in organizing travel walks & have some mentors/leads to organize it. It is always based on everybody enthusiasm of every individual. We get inspired from Master's work & that inspires us to Travel.

Why Travel Walks can't be planned as Local Walks?

Travel walks needs 3-4 months of planning. From list of places, booking Train/Fight Tickets, Hotel rooms & local mode of Transport. So, generally members will be having discussion individually or in a chat to plan. As planning needs to be meticulous, it is not easy to share details ahead.

When Travel walk thread can be created ?

Travel walk threads need to be created least one day before the walk. Before creating Travel walk threads, Admins/Moderators needs to be informed by the Travel Walk Organizer. Without the knowledge of Admins/Moderators Travel walks will not be Approved.

Who can join Travel Walks ?

Each & every CWC member can join travel walks. Member who has attended minimum 5 local CWC Photo walks can join Travel walk. If not, has to wait!

Reason for "minimum 5 Local walk" ?

We are going to travel as a Group and group may contain any no of people. If people have come for minimum 5 walks, they will know other members in the group, group rules & most importantly will be comfortable together to travel.

Any Further Queries, please don't hesitate to Ask in this thread itself. Will clarify the doubts !

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