dsaravanane 6:15am, 19 March 2012

I have come up with a template and cut off date for our suggestion/walk/review thread, I believe this will be useful for us to create a new thread by our team member and it won’t change the title each and every time. This is my suggestion please let me know if you have any issue;

Template for the thread:

1. Suggestion | Walk No | Date | Day --> for Suggestion
2. Walk | Walk No | Date | Day | Place | Time --> for Confirmed walk
3. Review | Walk No | Date | Day --> for Review

Cut off date for the thread:

Suggestion –> will be closed by Thursday of the week
Walk –> will be started by Friday morning
Review –> will be started by end of the day of the walk

Walk number for Saturday/Sunday:

One more suggestion, we can keep a separate number for Sunday rather than having A or B, again this will help us to count the total walk for Monthly/Yearly.

Saravanan D
Premkumar_Sparkcrews 10 years ago
good idea saravanan :)
sarathy.selvamani 10 years ago
Saravanan, Nice template.. if put under usage.
.Guru. 10 years ago
good one..
Gud ...
pradyisgreat 10 years ago
will follow from now :)
Diwakar83 10 years ago
I believe in this :-)
Deepak2008 10 years ago
very useful
especially the walk numbering
Chandru8888 10 years ago
Nice job Moderator :-)
sarathy.selvamani 10 years ago
+1 Chandru .. Facebook a iruntha 2 like pottirukalam
Raghu Madanagopal 10 years ago
+2 Chandru
semma semma semma good going... creating a new benchmark. nice saravanan.
photogalaxy 9 years ago
Its very help full for every one
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