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Nikijackson 10:48am, 3 August 2009
This is what many of our friends had been waiting for. This group is specially for the Weekend Clickers. This group is for the peoples who wants to explore photography and things related to that. We have plan for Workshops, Seminars and Exhibitions with experts. Folks don't expect an organizer for Weekend Clicks, anybody can suggest a place and time, And make it as a post before Wednesday so that we can have a discussion on it and whoever wants to participate make us to hear that. so we can schedule our programs according to that. First we will introduce and gather here. By this Wednesday we will come up with a place and time for our first Weekend Clicks.

So Please Introduce your self

All the Best
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Nikijackson Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Nikijackson (admin) 8 years ago
Hi I am Nicholas but known as Niki. I am working for an IT company in chennai. Photography is my passion from my child hood but i had stared it 2 years back and i learnt lot of things through flickr friends.
Ezhil Ramalingam 12 years ago
Hi friends, I am Ramalingam and live in Hyderabad. Visit Chennai frequently. I am a retired banker and love to shoot landscapes, birds and people. Nikon is my gear. All the best for this group.
Hi Niki and all .,Thanks for the invitation !
I'm gouri shankar ,shuffle between chennai and coimbatore for my body (bread earning ) and remain calm in flickr for my soul . :-)
I wish a great success for this group !
evitcani 12 years ago
Hi guys I am Abhishek Joshi from Mumbai & pursuing computer engineering degree.. Photography is my hobby & passion.. I live it day & night !!

I love to shoot landscapes, macros, abstracts, high speed shots, products & nature shots..

Wishing all the luck to this group :)

Keep clicking !!
philippe.bellin 12 years ago
hi i am Philippe i live in France Photograpy is my passion i am paraplegique after a big accident
Jagadeesh SJ 12 years ago
Thanks for the invite Niki!
I am Jagadeesh from chennai & work for a software firm.
Recently moved to DSLR(Canon EOS 500D) from P&S.

My subjects of interest are Landscapes, Portraits, Macros, Wildlife & Birds.

All the best!
I am Sathiyan from Bangalore. Clicking with out any photography knowledge. I hope I will learn lot from this group.

paula.amicis 12 years ago
Hi, I'm Paula, I live in Brazil and i like photography as a hobby...
Hope we can share some experience throught this group... Thanks for the invitation Niki, nice to meet you!
Jnarin 12 years ago
Hello folks!

Thank you Nikki for the invite. I'm Niranj, and I'm from Kalpakkam (a small town about a couple of hours drive from Chennai), currently residing in Bangalore. Whenever I visit Chennai pretty often - whenever I visit home.

I enjoy street photography, event photography and casual portraits, but most of my interest is in birds and wildlife.
ayashok photography Posted 12 years ago. Edited by ayashok photography (admin) 6 years ago
Hi all,

Im Ashok Saravanan (a) ayashok, Hail from Karaikudi,
Started my first few shutter counts in Bangalore,
Moved back to Chennai on Nov 2010,

Interested in all kind of experimentation,
long way to go...
Rajarathinam.Chakravarthy Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Rajarathinam.Chakravarthy (member) 12 years ago

I am Rajarathinam (Flickr Name: rr_msw), working as Executive-HR in Chennai (Guindy) where my photography Guru NIKI working. Very recently started to click and i here in chennai after my birth.
Love this great place.And my gear is SONY ALPHA a350k.

Thanks For the Invitation Niki. Make the CWC Best of the Best.
general top [deleted] 12 years ago
இது து.பஞ்சாட்சரம், காரைக்குடி. தற்பொழுது சென்னையில் பகுதி நேர பொறியியல் படித்துகொண்டிருப்பவன். இந்த குழுமத்தில் இணைவதில் மகிழ்ச்சியடைகிறேன்.

me d.panchatcharam from karaikudi and i'm doing part time engineering in chennai. i'm so happy to joint with this team and i'm sure i will be the active member of this group.

Nikon d60 with 18-55mm
venkatfotos 12 years ago
Hi, I am Venkat.... living in Chennai. Web/Graphic Designer as a professional.

I just started photography (1 year back). Its really very nice experience in flickr. I am sure, we will learn lot from this group. Thanks a lot NIKKI to invite me in this group.

Best Regards,
Thru Lens Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Thru Lens (member) 12 years ago
Hi People, I am Karthi from Bangalore. Programmer + Photogrpher + Others. Avid interest in photography. Best wishes all the photography enthusiast.
Doddamalluraprameya 12 years ago
Hi, I am Jayaram from Bengaluru, living in Chennai for the last 1000+ days, I am an amature to Photography trying to learn the art.
a flickr addict
maran d learner 12 years ago
hi am manimaran.... doin 3rd year fine arts(painting) i dint learn photography anywhere.... and am new to flicker..... am sure wil be one of the active members in tis group.....=)
valuable sock [deleted] 12 years ago
Hi all... I m Rekha,from chennai.
Thanks for invite Niki.. I jus started photography as my hobby few months back :) Currently using SONY CYBERSHOT, Point and shoot..
Arvind Balaraman 12 years ago
I am Arvind from Chennai
I love all forms of photography. Off late shooting a lot of event and street. I am a Nikonian.
vijayrks / v i j e y e 12 years ago
I am vijay from chennai .
Photography is My passion & I like all kinds of photography .
Thanks for the invite niki Bro.
Wish You all the Best C-W-C !
Balaj! $ 12 years ago
Hi Iam balaji working in chennai . I prefer landscape and street photography

I presently down own a slr planning buy by next month probably a canon 450d

balaji s
Hi all,

I am senthil / senshots....

love photography,
basically am architect practicing in chennai,
being so am more enthusiastic in exploring new things......

love all kind of subjects
am having canon 1000d and sigma 70-300 lens

about flickr,
i was in by 18th july 2008 till... date.... i was spending my most my free time only in flickr...... ;-(.... Addicted.. ;-(

flickrs has given a lots and lots of tips

so guys
keep flickring...

and keep cliking........;-)

general top [deleted] 12 years ago
you are welcome senthil
Subash Chandran 12 years ago
Looking back at why I had a flourishing hobby of clicking in Bangalore and seeing that It dwindled into oblivion offlate.. I did realize that the difference was BWS. So i'm super excited to join this community and looking forward to re-kindle the flame with CWC..

and here goes the intro part..

I'm Subash Chandran, B&B in Pondicherry.. currently working in chennai for the past 1 year. i'm another accidental photographer ;)
Love to shoot: My Hometown, HDR Landscapes
Gear: Nikon D90, Nikkor 18-105mmVR, Sigma 10-20mm, Sigma 50mm f2.8 Macro

Thanks Panchjai for the invite :)
ayashok photography 12 years ago
welcome HDR guruve.. ! :)
Nikijackson 12 years ago
.....Welcome Subash Sir....
general top [deleted] 12 years ago
I'm very happy to welcome mr.hdr.
I'm Diwakar , working in a IT company ( so called software engineer :P ), i started photography recently. Still i m learning the basics and i guess need to go a long, so much is there in photography!

I love to shoot anything i find interesting. If you guys are planning for a weekend shot, please post it, i would be interested to join.

I have a Canon Rebel XTi, 18-55, 55-250, 50/1.8

I'm a frequent trekker and part of Chennai Trekking Club, CTC

Nikijackson 12 years ago
we are happy to have you here Diwakar....
Hi there,
I am Dmitry, ex-software developer from Minsk, Belarus. I quited my career job to pursue my passion - Photography (thanks to microstock photography industry which allowed me to get more income from my photos then from my sitting in office for 8-10 hours every day). My wife was admitted to study Bharatanatyam in Kalakshetra, so me are now in Besant Nagar, Chennai.

I shoot everything with my Canon :)

Best regards!
general top [deleted] 12 years ago
We are very happy to welcome you.
nataraj1990 12 years ago
hi iam nataraj doing 3rd year vis com in coll of fine arts ....ill be soon with u all.... i have a nikon d80...........and thanks to mani for informing about this group
Nikijackson 12 years ago
...welcome nataraj.....
dillibabusri 12 years ago
hai im dillibabu working in ad agency
creative designer

I love photography

i started photography recently .
Kals Pics Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Kals Pics (member) 12 years ago
Hai CWC,

To start with.... honestly i was someone without any interests towards photography.

Acquired interest from my friends: Subash, Vee-Vee and Rajarajan. Also learnt a lot from Ayashok's stream. And its Subash who taught me all that I know now about photography.

I am Kalanidhi from Pondicherry. Am working in Chennai.

Recently joined this group and had a wonderful time with them and would like to join you guys for more shoots. Please keep calling...
Hello All,

I'm Pratik, b&b in Steel City of Bhilai (previously in MP, now in Chhattisgarh).
Presently I'm doing my MS (by Research) in Wireless Networks @ Dept. of CSE, IIT Madars.
Started with learning serious photography a few months back.....and I love to use my camera whenever I get time......

Photography Interests: Landscapes, Travel phtography, Wildlife (though did not an opportunity till now to go after wildlife), HDR and DRI.

Trekker and member of Chennai Trekking Club.

Gear: Nikon D80, 18-135mm and Sigma 70-300.

Hope to join on CWC walks very soon.

historical vacation [deleted] 12 years ago
Hai Pratik Welcome to CWC ...
Danny J 12 years ago
hello all i am John danieel and people call me as Danny
I'm basically from coimbatore and now settled in chennai and put up in Mylapore.
i am with Caterpillar as Associate Engineer-Machine design
I luv photography for a long time and took it up in my hand 2 years back and have learnt through net and sply from flickr.. before i moved to chennai i used to assist one of my friend in his wild life photography..

My gear includes Canon 50d, Sigma 24-70 f2.8, 50mm prime, 430 flash, a tripod..
[ VJ ] 12 years ago
Hello Everyone,

I am Vijay (a.k.a VJ a.k.a Vijay Krishnan)

Born & Brought up in Besant Nagar (Bessy Beach) in Chennai. Working in Cognizant, Chennai.

Own a Panasonic FZ18.. still a long way to go in photography...
calculating suggestion [deleted] 12 years ago
hello i am jaya kumar ( interior photographer )
staying in chennai. love to shoot street photography..
Right now my gear is Nikon new D300s,D90 with tokina 11-16mmf2.8, 50mmf1.8, 55-200mmvr, tamron 90mm, 70-200f2.8vr and flash sb900.
scintillating elbow [deleted] 12 years ago
Hi, brothers & friends this is shree from chennai ..
Photography is my passion and my love ..

Fujifilm FinePix S2000HD
Nikon D70
Nikkor 18-70mm Kit Lens.
ayashok photography 12 years ago
Danny, VJ, Jay, and shree
Great and warm welcome to CWC

Thanks Senthil for the invite, I am Karthik, basically from Tirunelveli, now in Chennai, guindy. Working as s/w engg. D40 is my first camera, before that I was using my mobile camera for two years. Bought this last June and is still exploring the world of photography. Would like to learn a lot from all you guys, I am a frequent weekend shooter, but tied up for the next couple of weeks, will join you guys once I am done with my work.
pranavom8 12 years ago
Hello everybody,
I'm Pranav, doing my B.E.Mechanical 2nd year, im a hobby photographer, i usually dont go out to do photography, cos i dont have company, after getting myself an account in orkut i started finding people with my similar interest from whom i can learn,Niki, Sendil anna, recently i started speaking with mani maran machi, i could learn something from everyone of you, my exams are going now, so i wont be able to participate in my first photowalk untill 23rd of this month, now im really happy that im a member of cwc, and thank you accepting me as a part of you. I was very much worried that my camera is put into jeopardy, but i dont feel so anymore, i didnt have anyone to click with, you could easily find that by my no. of uploads in both flickr and orkut. My contact no. is 9940403330, I'm very much thankful to everyone, hope to do some good clicking soon
I'm using a canon 1000D with kit lens
maran d learner 12 years ago
welcome pranav:)
.Guru. 12 years ago
Hi Guys,
I am Guru nathan....
Architecture is my profession....
Photography is my hobby...
Thinking of swapping the two.....

Still learning the basics of photography.....
learning a lot from u guys...thanks

Kurunji Kumaran 12 years ago
Accidently one day met Nikki, then i came to know abt this group, thanks to nikki for referring the group.

about me:
I am Kurunji Kumaran, working in HP, guindy as system admin, last year i bought my Nikon D40X, till last six months my shutter button press count was around 3000 now it came around 9000, started learning in the past six months....
My gear : Nikon d40X /sigma 17/70 f2.8 & sigma 70-300....

with lots of hope..
Kurunji Kumaran
ayashok photography 12 years ago
Welcom Kurunji Kumaran (very nice name :)
you are at the right place to increase your shutter counts.
Keep Clicking

ananda prasath 12 years ago
Hello Clickers !!!

I am Ananda Prasath working as an executive in Larsen & Toubro.i did my engineering at PSG tech coimbatore. u can very well call me prasath.I came to about this cool team through our Camera Kirukan. Thanks barani!!!

To be honest, am a pukka amateur photographer. I have one Nikon D5000 (18-55mm kit lens) and a plenty of aspirations to learn a lot from you all. am here to make lot of friends and learn the basics of photography as well

Do treat me as a part of your team :)

general top [deleted] 12 years ago
you are welcome Prasath
~/tushar 12 years ago
hello :-)
thanks for the invite!
i'm tushar - been part of the photowalk group for quite a bit, 20 odd walks over two years.
started off with a powershot a530, now shoot with a nikon d40, kit len and a sigma 70-300.
Raghuveeran 12 years ago
Hi! I am Raghuveeran working with Renault Nisssan in CFD.

Area of Interest: Macro, Landscape, Nature, Silhouette, Speed

Trying: Daily life

Camera: D5000 (70mm - 300mm), FZ28
eCCentricVagabond 12 years ago
Welcome Raghu & Tushar :)
StrathkinnesS 12 years ago
Myself, kamlesh. I am doing my Bachelor's of Engineering course here in Madras. I am also one of an amateur photographer. I am keeping, learning a lot about it. I own a Sony cybershot point and shoot camera DSC L1. Apart from photography, i love travel and trekking too.
We will know more about ourselves when we meet. Until then good luck with all you guys. Enjoy !
eCCentricVagabond 12 years ago
Hi Kamalesh, welcome to CWC :)
RashmiNair 12 years ago
Name: Rashmi Nair
Occupation: Law/Non-profit
Current Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin - USA
Gadgets: Olympus E520 14-42 mm & 40-150mm Zuiko Lens
Interests: In photography - Street Life, Nature and Portraits
Music is another Passion. I like to travel too.
eCCentricVagabond 12 years ago
Welcome Rashmi !!
general top [deleted] 12 years ago
Accidentla ethum damage agalaila Kals
You are Welcome
Ashok"s Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Ashok"s (member) 12 years ago

Ashok Kumar, residing in Anna Nagar Chennai. Working as a Network Engineer.

Beginner in Photography and having interest from early ages and in action now.

I love travelling, trekking, exploring new places and new things. Lets meet in person to know more... !!!!

Started to explore Photography with my Motorola E6 mobile and I am learning now with a D60 with 18-55mm.

Kishore/fd98701 12 years ago
This is kishore, native of cuddalore. I am in s/w industry and I have been working in Chennai for the last 4 years. I am a beginner and very much interested in portrait and event photography. I would love to join you guys in photo walks.
Welcome Mr. Ashok & Kishore...

Expecting ur participants in our future walks....ALL THE BEST
MRK Clicks 12 years ago
Hi, I am Krishna (MRK) residing near T.Nagar.
I am in the software field for the past 2 years.
Started photography some months back though i had the interest and have been started learning an year back.
I like landscapes, nature and streets (Chennai is a special place for me).
My gear: A simple Nikon D40 + 18-55 + Sigma 70-300.
Expecting to learn and grow with this group out here.
eCCentricVagabond 12 years ago
welcome MRK :)
seeveeaar Posted 12 years ago. Edited by seeveeaar (member) 12 years ago
My name is C.V.Ramanujam.Everyone call me CVR.
I work as an IT guy in one of the big three IT services companies.

Photography has been defining my identity for close to 2 years now and has taken over from writing as my primary passion and hobby.
I am crazy about producing top class pics and constantly frustrated about not being able to do that :)

I am hoping to pursue the nooks and crannies of this magical art with you guys as company.

See you around :)

My Gear:
Canon rebel XTi
Canon 17-40mm f4.0 L EF
Canon 50mm f1.8 EF
Canon 55-250mm IS EF-S
selva\ 12 years ago
வணக்கம்! என் பெயர் சா. து. செல்வ குமார்.

A master mariner by profession for almost 15 years. I have a consultancy of my own. Got hooked on to photography by choice and it is a passion for me now. In fact it is a great way to de-stress for me in life now. Want to learn more and i am sure with so many of you around i will learn more. Cheers!!!
MouliKumar 12 years ago
Hi, I am Mouli. Living in chennai for the past 12 years.
Have been spending quite some time on learning photograhy, and I am sure this group will help me.
historical vacation [deleted] 12 years ago
Welcome C.V.Ramanujam , Selva, Mouli ...
Nikijackson 12 years ago gets more clickers...........Welcome to all the new comers.........
Nirmal Madhavan 12 years ago
I,m Nirmal, dentist by prof, loves to be a photographer, living in chidambaram - but u can catch me in chennai on weekends.
eCCentricVagabond 12 years ago
Welcome Madavan !!

Come to our Walks when you are free!

Happy Clicking !!
Arun Titan Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Arun Titan (admin) 11 years ago
Hi, I am Arun.R, completed my Visual Communication & Design at Govt. College of Arts (Chennai). Now working as a Flash Animator. I love to do Paintings and Photography.... I hope CWC ll improve my skill.

My Gear:
Canon 1000D
55-250mm IS
50mm 1.8
welcome, arun _ defintely u enjoy staying with us.... ;-)
hello guys
this is sree here
am a vis com student from chennai
happy to meet u guys here
maran d learner 12 years ago
welcome sree... nee vandhuta... cwc velanguna maadhiri dhaan......
general top [deleted] 12 years ago
thambi mara.... unna vatchitte kalam thalrom :) atha vidavada aga poguthu :) :)
Nikijackson 12 years ago
.....thala sema punch.....
maran d learner 12 years ago
grt insult...!! naan kovama kelamburaen........... :-/
@maran yen nee vanthu cwc vilangalaya?
Hi All,

I'm kaarthik (-=RM=-) from choolaimedu
I work in a software concern
I love clicking pictures.. i'm here to learn to do the same in a better way
hoping to join you all in your walks..

eCCentricVagabond 12 years ago
Hi Karthik,

Welcome to CWC. Happy Clicking !!
<$ Jaggy $> Posted 12 years ago. Edited by <$ Jaggy $> (member) 12 years ago
Hi Clickers,

I am Jagadeesh. Very Recently explored all about Flickr, Thanks a tonne to Barani and Kiruthik for pulling me into this wonderfull community. Was roaming around this group for past one wk and finally my request was accepted today. Mean while I ve become a big fan of few ppl here.

Just a beginner, learning the trick of handling light and lenses.

Meet you all soon guys.

- J
historical vacation [deleted] 12 years ago
Welcome Jegadeesh ....
Light and Life -Murali முரளி Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Light and Life -Murali முரளி (member) 12 years ago
Dear Friends,

I am Muralidharan Alagar.
Profession- Software!
Passion- Art and Photography!

Native is Chinnalapatti (Near Dindigul. But love to say 'near Madurai'). Grown up seeing Madurai temple (my most favorite in the world). More about me.
Almost settled in Bangalore. Will come on and off to Chennai.
Love to do a photo shoot with CWC!

So happy to see the activities and growth of this group! I remember talking about this group before its birth to Niki! Check this.
Congrats Admins and members! Keep rocking!

You should think of CWC exhibition with some good sponsers!

முரளிதரன் அழகர்
calculating suggestion [deleted] 12 years ago
welcome murali ............... nice collection of photos :}
ayashok photography 12 years ago
Hai All
Lots of new comers/clickers,
CWC is going in a perfect path.
Lots of clickings in this short span of time.
Great goings guys
Proud to be the part of CWC.
Happy New Year to all.
Vids... 12 years ago
hey all,

Am Vidhya, currently working with a Bank.
Clicking is a hobby turned addiction for me right now and am also a PC freak!

I get inspired by seeing lots of new pictures on flickr. thanks to all those who have contributed towards my growth!!!

Happy Clicking
eCCentricVagabond 12 years ago
Welcome Vidhya.

@Ashok - Yes!!
People like you in the group are the inspiration for others to join.
Thanks :)

@Murali - You dont need any introduction boss :)
MRK Clicks 12 years ago
@ Kiruthik - Rightly said about Ashok and Murali (I silently see their photos for inspiration).

And Murali said: "You should think of CWC exhibition with some good sponsers!"
Oh My God. Please wait till amateurs like me grow up. I want to give at least one good photo to exhibit.
Dark WoodS 12 years ago
Am Dhamu, Living in Chennai for the last 2.5 years.

Interseted in photography(landscape,nature,birds & animals) since for the long time.But just started exploring it ...

+91 9884600877
dillibabusri 12 years ago
welcome Dhamu
shyamfx 12 years ago
Hi all, I'm Shyam, I believe life is beautiful. My love for images run through out my childhood and got equipped now. I'm geared up with Canon EOS 1000D , 18-55mm, 50-250mm and a good pair of eyes. Thank God!

call me: +91 9940115799
historical vacation [deleted] 12 years ago
Welcome Shyam ...
krpa 12 years ago
Hi Iam Kirubha just moved to Chennai permanently and Iam a Usability Specialist.

Happy to be part of this lively group. Cheers!
vil_vel 12 years ago
hi iam vilvel.. i live in chennai.....
trying to improve myself in photography...
i use a basic P&S camera....
StrathkinnesS 12 years ago
Welcome kirubha and vilvel. I am sure that you will enjoy your presence here. Good luck !
TamilPugaipadam 12 years ago
HI All,

Me Ram, avid photographer, shy to point at people still, birds, fast moving objects, landscapes, architecture, ruins, waterfalls are my fav subjects. I enjoy the drive, planning, mapping and reach spots to shoot and store!

Hi ayashok, sjjagadeesh, nice to see you fellows here!

Welcome all others, thanks Nikki for the mail!
GavaskarS 12 years ago

Gavaskar, from Nagapattinam currently residing @ vadapalani Chennai. Working as a Process Engineer.

Beginner in Photography ,I love travelling, trekking, exploring new places and new things.

Started to explore Photography with my NIKON COOLPIX for the past 6 months and I am learning ....

thanks to senthil and barani... acquaint me in this group
ayashok photography 12 years ago
welcome Ram
welcome Gavaskar
(aada Pitch kidachuruchu full century thana innime) :)
Nature by Venki 12 years ago
Hi All I am Venkatraman, known as Venki from Chennai. I am a Finance Profession, working in one of the software giants.. Started Photography as hobby, now it has gained lot of momentum and would like to acheive more in this field!!

I love Wildlife, birds specifically, sports and nature photography...

I wish I could learn lot from this group and contribute to the best extent possible from my end to this group.

general top [deleted] Posted 12 years ago. Edited by general top (member) 12 years ago
You are Welcome Venkatraman
Vishnu RM 12 years ago

Am Vishnu.... Working for FORD Technology, Chennai.
Happy for being a part of CWC....

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