Pyrocat HD

the.di 7:34am, 1 June 2006
I've been testing FP4 in Pyrocat HD. I switched from Diafine because of Diafine's toxicity, and Pyrocat is said to be semi-compensating, gives a fine grain, and best of all is non toxic and environmentally benign. I'm impressed by the grain - it's finer than what I get with FP4 in Diafine. If anyone uses Pyrocat, could you post which films you've used? If anyone has used it with pushed film, I'd like to know your experience.
Ted Forbes 15 years ago
I've had no experience with Pyrocat, but it sure looks good in your photostream!

Always been a fan of FP4... looks like a good combination for you!
maz hewitt 15 years ago
I've never used it, but I just ordered some PMK which is similar (so I'm told). As an aside I head that both Pyrocatechin and Phenidone are highly toxic and both of them are in PYROCAT-HD. The least toxic developer commercially available is Kodak Xtol which is a ascorbic acid based developer. I use it and think it is very good indeed.
three celery [deleted] 15 years ago
Actually, Phenidone has a very low level of toxicity. It is the main developing agent in Xtol and many other modern B&W developers.
three celery [deleted] 15 years ago

I think Jim Galli is a Pyrocat HD user. Chck out his stuff on APUG and his web site for more info.

the.di 15 years ago
Thanks for the responses. Brad, I'll check Jim's work, thanks!
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