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My Sister's Keeper ADMIN November 22, 2015
Dear members of this group! Please, when adding photos to the B&W film/developer combinations pool, include the film/developer you have used in the description or tags. Digital pictures and members will be removed without warning.

Group Description

A flickr-based project for black and white film users to attempt a visual answer to the perennial question, "Which b&w film should I use and what is a good developer for that film to obtain the look i want to have ?"


Unlike most flickr groups, this group is NOT primarily intended to be a showcase of the best shots of individual photographers; it is instead a collaborative educational aid cataloging
the differences between different film / developer combinations
. Let's help create a comprehensive guide for the analog flickrite community and beyond:

1) ONLY 6 IMAGES PER FILM / DEVELOPER COMBINATION, PER PERSON, EVER. (You can swap images in and out, of course.) That means six Ilford Delta 100 in TMax dev shots, six Kodak TMax 100 shots in Rodinal, six Kodak Tmax 100 shots in Spur SLD shots, etc. Try to choose shots that are representative (in your experience) of a certain combination's "look" (you can highlight strengths or weaknesses).It would be great if you would use your 9 images per
combination to show performance over a range of daylight, shady, nightime, flash, etc. situations.

2) MENTION THE DILUTION . Developing for example a Forte Fortepan 400 in Rodinal 1+25 causes a different look (more grain in this case) than Fortepan 400 in Rodinal 1+50. It would be nice if you also add the time and temperature (the more details of the
developing process you mention, the better) but it’s not a must.


film taglist

developer taglist

4) This group is and will remain a public one. However, since its primary goal is to serve as a practical reference guide, the number of photo entries for EACH combination may be capped at somewhere between 100-300 total. This may mean some ruthless weeding to get the most representative sample possible, but I promise that every interested group member will have 5 or 6images in the pool no matter what.

5) AND FINALLY (and most importantly)...this only works if the images you submit have not been strongly tweaked with Photoshop etc. --even if the results look "natural". For the puposes of this group, "strongly tweaked" means ANY change in saturation; more than minimal contrast, "artistic" filtering or excessive sharpening...you get the idea. To see results that are as pure as possible please submit only scanned negatives and no scanned PE or Baryt-prints. However, if there is something in-camera you did that should be noted (push, pull, polarizing filter, etc.) do note it in the comments or description.

Thanks a lot to Bokeh for allowing me to use and modify your Pro Color Emulsions Project rules.

Additional Info

  • Members can post 2 things to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images, Art, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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