CampFollowerBagLady 6:58am, 10 February 2009
My address for International and US stitchers is

Tia Curtis
PSC 276 BOX 89
APO AP 96548 USA

my address for those of you here in Australia is

Tia Curtis
18 Forrest Crescent
Gillen Suburb
Alice Springs, NT 0870

Most of you will probably send to the APO address. SInce it is a military address a custom form may need to be filled out. Just a heads up for you.

Please flickr mail me if you have a question

Thanks again!
rachelgriffith PRO 7 years ago
thanks for posting these.
just a heads up for those using the military address:
customs have been asking to inspect packages labeled 'fabric'...just a big hassel. and it takes longer.
the post lady here told me to start labeling customs forms as 'quilts' instead.
just a fyi.
quiltedoma PRO 7 years ago
The few times I sent quilts/fabric overseas (not to Australia, though, just Europe) I put "craft supplies" on the customs forms. Do you think that is acceptable?
rachelgriffith PRO 7 years ago
i don't know, because that can mean anything from scissors to glue.
they *might* still wanna check those.
not sure.
quiltedoma PRO 7 years ago
OK - did not think of that! Will put "quilts" on the customs form and hope for the best.
Alatariel Leralonde PRO 7 years ago
I asked my husband about this, since he does a LOT of international shipping at work. He says to make sure you mark that it is a gift. We figured the "value" of a quilt block (12" square at $4/yd, which is the wholesale price of most fabric) to be $0.36, to help in calculating the retail value that they will ask for on the form. I have sent fabric to Europe before, and the post office here told me to state that it was "100% cotton quilting fabric". I did so, and the package got to it's destination without any problems. But it was not to an APO address, so I don't know if that makes a difference.
CampFollowerBagLady 7 years ago
I wouldn't worry about the boxes being inspected...customs selects at random what they are going to look into. They don't do it in the post happens somewhere along the route so it is really no big deal. As long as you are not sending something illegal you (and I)will be fine. It is just quilt blocks, NO Worries!
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