Dr Orkenvandrer 1:36pm, 9 October 2008
Hey, all

Although I'm a newbie to this group, may I dare come with a suggestion? When awarding, try to write a small comment on what you liked about the specific photo, and perhaps even leave some small remarks on what could have been better? I don't mean to make it compulsary, but just a little something to have in the back of your head when you're already pasting in that award in the comment-field anyways...

I know for myself that I'm at flickr first of all to become a better photographer, displaying my work is just a secondary effect to this... constructive criticism and complements are always equally welcomed...!

dbotyÑ 10 years ago
I think if we see good photo we give one award. Its means its a very good shot. Do you think amazing photo, good shot nice capture or wonderful shot is better than one award?

sorry I'm tierd and my english is not so good
Dr Orkenvandrer 10 years ago
I just often sit and want to know what it is with the shots that get awards - why people like them, wky they are good. To get a small comment on it is, I think, an efficient way of learning and improving.
Anyways... I've recieved a few comments along with awards from this gruop, and they have all been much appreciated!
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