klklassen 6:43pm, 13 September 2007
since i only have a couple months left here in budapest i'm looking for the best of the rest place, places not on the main tourist track, a little out of the way or alot, but must see or attend spots/events in the coming months what are your suggestions?!
heres mine for anyone who wants a great photo trip
the ercsi flea market.... all sorts of antiques, from old canes to clocks to street signs

budapest flea market
- Ronski - PRO 11 years ago
Kerepesi Cemetery is worth a visit & University Botanical Gardens I'd recommend.
Tourista de Mancunia 11 years ago
I too am visiting BP soon and would like some suggestions for particularly photogenic areas of the city, I will be visiting a friend of mine who is a local, but some hints and tips wouldn't go amiss...


zsoolt PRO 11 years ago
Hi Jon
there are several very photogenic areas in Budapest. I am sure your local friend will take you to the Gellért Hill where you can get a great panoramic view. The downtown is like a golden mine for photos with its XIXth Century buildings and with their facades. Go out around sunset and you will find a lot of miracles:)
Tourista de Mancunia Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Tourista de Mancunia (member) 11 years ago
Cheers for the tips Zsoolt! Hey has the football season finished over there? Am going between 26th Nov - 1Dec, cant seem to find anything on the web (in English) about the fixtures, wouldnt mind watching a match whilst there!
klklassen 11 years ago
there are still a couple games left, here is one of the clubs and the site is in english also, i've never been myself but may go to the match on saturday so i can give u some tips then...
guiarca 11 years ago
I was going to say the cementery... i used to love the millenarys park but probably u know it already. Buda hills is worth of the visit, i dont think many tourists go there.

You can check also Szent Imre church and its small lake

Szent Imre

...short visit thought.

Pd: missing BP so much... :(
kristoof420 10 years ago
Great lomographics event in Budapest until 15th March. at the place called 'Bobek' (VII. Kazinczy u. 53) try out different types of lomographic cameras during your coffee or beer and see the results next day on the 'lomo wall'!
more details:
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