consuelo a. 8:15pm, 7 February 2014
Dear photographers from Budapest,

my name is Consuelo. I am an italian girl who lives in Milan. I went to Budapest two years ago during the summer with my boyfriend. We loved it. Of all the places I've been in Budapest, there is one I remember for its quiet and relaxing mood: it is called 1000tea (here:

This is why I need you: my boyfriend just turned 26 and I would like to give him, as a birthday present, a poster of this place.
We spent a whole afternoon there, sipping delicious teas and almost sleeping, and I know he would love to have the picture of the courtyard of this place (so that he can watch it when he is stressed ^^).

This is the courtyard I'm referring to:

This photo is not ok for my purpose: it is too small and not very nice. It does not look like a photo for a poster, to be attached on a wall. I would like to ask if there's any of you who can make one for me. I can pay the service with postepay, if you like. And if anyone else has a better idea, tell me!

Thanks in advance.

T a r ı k 4 years ago
have you been budapest again?
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