aback account [deleted] 4:24pm, 8 March 2013
Hello, Hungarian friends!

I'm an English teacher. I'm going to move to Budapest this summer. I'm shooting 35mm and 120 film.

Where do you get film? Are Foma and Ilford easy to find?

Is there a darkroom in Budapest that I can use to make my prints?

Remata Klan 5 years ago
Hi Greg, I'm not exactly Hungarian, but since I live in Budapest for two years now - the Ilford and Foma in 135 you can get (I know at least one place). So far no luck with 120. If you find a darkroom, please let me know :)
isadora.jpg 4 years ago
Hey Greg! We'd love to see your shots in Budapest On Film! :)

Hope all your questions were answered too!
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