pestipixels 7:29pm, 18 February 2013
Hi all,

I was taking photographs at Nyugati station on Sunday and kept getting told off my the 'officials' that it wasn't allowed. I can speak a little Hungarian, so I was able to convey, and they were able to understood that it is a hobby. I only had my Nikon D5100 with me and a tripod. I asked them who said it was banned and they said 'MAV'.

When I had a point and shoot in there last year it seemed perfectly acceptable.

Could anybody shed any light on this? I see photographs all over the internet of this station (and all the others in Budapest) so I cannot understand this attitude.

Many thanks
Favor-Photo 5 years ago

Maybe something I can help you. If you see a tripod, I will say that you can not. I did not see anywhere in words that should not be there to take photos. If you like pretty pictures, you can make more shots, it will be a lot of interesting photos. Details or photos, or within the station. I wish you success.

Regards, Judith
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