eivindf 4:07pm, 8 March 2008

I am staying in Budapest for a week, and I am in search for old Nikkors and medium format Rolleiflex. Any tips on where I can find these items? I am mainly looking for a store or flea market that sells used equipment, or old..

Any tips on a big photo equipment store with modern equipment?

Eivind :-)
Ismail Shariff 10 years ago
Any takers for this one?

Any shops in BP from where we can get some good deals for used stuff. (or even the new ones :D :D)
beta.robot 9 years ago
There are a couple of stores with huge selection near Basilica:

One more shop with smaller selection but you can find there some gems time to time:

And don't forget about flea markets. I had been on PeCha a couple of days ago. There were about a dozen stalls selling lens and stuff.

Just take a look at this www.flickr.com/photos/beta-robot/3339610746/
elaintahra Posted 9 years ago. Edited by elaintahra (member) 9 years ago
This is very late post and won't help you, but maybe next one :)

I visited Budapest last weekend, and there was a photoplace with small selection of old tools at Dorottya utca, in between Jozef Attila utca and the square to the south.

So if you stay in the square with new glass building to your left and walk north Dorottya street, the place is on your right. A small selection but something anyway. And they had a Rolleiflex for about 90€
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