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Marietto 9:55am, 27 February 2008
Hello everybody! Sziasztok Mindenkinek!

My name is Mario and i'm a 33 yo guy from Italy (Torino).

I like very much means of transport and train/metro stations, i know that they are builiding a brand new metro line (4) in Budapest and sometimes i give a look to searching for when the metro will be opened... ..but cannot find this information! :(

is there anybody that knows this information!

sebgutkopf Posted 10 years ago. Edited by sebgutkopf (member) 10 years ago

till the 1st metro will run in the tunnel with passangers it needs some years. The tunnel will be ready at the 2nd half of 2009 but there is a delay with stataion. According the original plans at the end of 2010 should be ready, but now it is clear that this won't happen. Because of delays of planning and authorisations the metro will be ready in 2011 or even 2012. :-(

If you are interested in it, i made some photos of the building site in january:

Marietto 10 years ago
sebgutkopf Thank you! I said to myself to return to BP when the metro4 would start working... sigh... i have to wait more! :(

Nagyon szèpen ko:szo:nom! :)
Neken nagyon tetszik az elso" kèped! :)
sebgutkopf 10 years ago

It's nice to see you can use some hungarian expressions.
Eszter Turbeky 10 years ago
Marietto if would like to see that metro line than you have a some year left.... :D
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