The Gifted Photographer 4:51am, 3 June 2007

I think it is on Castle Hill ...
Davescunningplan 11 years ago
GG- Nice Pic yes indeed it is Matthias Church or Mátyás-templom located at the heart of Buda's Castle District. I have a small collection of Budapest shots from December last year.

There is more info at
Thank you so very much! I always like to identify any picture I put in my photostream for both myself and others. Will read the article as well and check out your photos on Budapest as well.

redxdress 11 years ago
Who knows this spot??? =)
Can anyone help me identify this place? I think it may have been near Kálvin tér...
pite 11 years ago
yep, it's quite near to there. just a stop by subway, it's ferenciek tere, the párizsi udvar (parisian yard).
redxdress 11 years ago
Thanks very much!
commonguy 11 years ago
anyone know what's the building in the picture token by redxdress?

i was there too when i was in budapest. a nice building and there's a small pastry shop on the street. i tried one of the hungary cake there.

commonguy 11 years ago
yes, it's called Párizsi udvar. It's a shopping mall in pest according to my finding on the internet.
gezuci 11 years ago
Yeah. It's on the corner of Kossuth Lajos street and Petőfi Sándor street in district V. (five), which is downtown Budapest.
redxdress 11 years ago
Hi again! I'm almost done labeling my pics from Budapest, but I have another question. Are any of you familiar with Szoborpark? If you know the names of ANY of the statues I saw, can you tell me? Thanks!

Here's a link to my pictures from there:
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