SiYH 4:22am, 22 May 2006
High Fidelity and I are both putting off college for a year for a photographic gap-year and (hopefully) Flickr world tour.

We are both working this summer, but we don't have much money for the trip, and plan to spend most of our time staying with friends for a few weeks or months at a time in different countries, photographing (and Flickring) heavily.

Our basic route is a ring around the northern hemisphere going west, through East Asia, Russia, Southeastern and Central and Western Europe. We have contacts in some cities, but there are many places that we are only passing through and would love to spend a few days in. If any of you, the Flickr community, wouldn't mind or know people who would like to host the two of us for a day or two, we would bring cameras, odd stories and official Flickr pins.

Here are the cities that we do not have connections in:

Tokyo - Early Fall
(Ulan Bataar)
Moscow - Probably December/January 06/07
Budapest - Probably Jan/Feb 2007
Dublin - Mid Spring 07

We set up a group.

Thanks Flickr!
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