Beeldrijk 8:17pm, 9 March 2011
An international Birdy Meeting again!

The 4th World Birdy Meeting will take place from may 27 to may 29 2011 in Hamburg (Germany). It will be organized by manufacturer Riese und Müller and Birdy dealer Fahrrad Cohrt in Hamburg, and supported by Birdy Freunde, the german Birdy friends.

The costs are € 65, for which you get: a special t-shirt, entrance and guided tour in the International Maritime Museum, well-guided bicycle tours, a competition- and fun sunday with dinner buffet and drinks.

Bromptonauts, Dahonists, Bike Fridayers and other folders are most welcome of course, just like the last time in Berlin.


Friday, may 27

18:00: Meeting at café Elbterrassen;
google link:

21:00: Nightride through Hamburg; bicycle lighting essential!

Saturday, may 28

It is not possible to carry the Birdy with you into buildings. A good lock is recommended.

10:00: Visit to the International Maritime Museum;
google link:

12:00: Birdy-Demotour through downtown Hamburg, with police protection
13:00: Lunch
14:30 - 17:30: Guided Birdy tours: either a comfortable tour, or a sports tour
20:00: Theater Schmidts Tivoli; a show called Heiße Ecke – Das St. Pauli-Musical (german language; entrance fee € 40 not included)

Sunday, may 29

11:00: Get together and award event in Halle 13, Hamburg Barmbek, Hellbrookstrasse 2,
google link:

Awards for: folding competitions, folding bike races, the lightest Birdy, the most beautiful Birdy, the longest journey to Hamburg et cetera.

Diner buffet, chat, speech, film, experiences et cetera

16:00: End of the meeting weekend.


Please register at the website of Birdy Friends:

We hope to meet & greet you in Hamburg!

Origami nightride in Berlin: Dietmar Böhm

karlos of syston 6 years ago
as you recommend a good lock I wonder how much a Birdy weighs - the reason I ask is that I read somewhere that all bikes weigh 50 lb (about 23 kg). For example a 25 lb bike would need a 25 lb lock, a 20 lb bike would need a 30 lb lock and a 50 lb bike would not need a lock ;-)
Beeldrijk Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Beeldrijk (member) 6 years ago
Hi Karl,

That must have been an april 1 joke, or this is British logic

Birdys weigh between 9 kg and 13 kg, depending on the components you use. So according to your sources for a Birdy you'd need a lock of about 40 kg.

Are you sure this is not a Brompton inspired advice?

By the way, the japanese have other standards for locking up. See this picture:

Technical Museum Berlin BD-1's


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