which tyres?

Chris 531 10:49pm, 26 June 2008
My Brompton's tyres are done and I need to buy a new set which will
be used on small back roads plus some cycle paths.
What are this groups experience on tyres?
I would like to fit tyres that are not dead but are reliable with no punctures. By the way my bike had Raleigh record tyres fitted
which I do not like !
Ben Cooper 11 years ago
Yeah, the Records are rubbish ;-)

The Schwalbe Marathons are good for tracks and trails - a bit more tread, and they have a kevlar strip to stop most punctures. The Brompton own-brand tyres are also very good - they do a Kevlar version, but they have less tread - great on tarmac, not as good as the Marathons off the tarmac...
cycle.nut66 11 years ago
I use Schwalbe Marathons, a good trade off between traction, durability and rolling resistance. The Brompton tyres are ok on dry roads, scary, twitchty and slippery in the wet. For commuting around town in all weathers and all seasons the Schwalbes cover it all. Oh they are good off road, good enough to anoy mountain bike riders if it's not too muddy.
Jostakesphotos Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Jostakesphotos (member) 11 years ago
Did use the yellow Brompton tires, but now the Schwalbe marathons. All of them are al right for me. If you keep the bike in house, you will probably notice that the Schwalbes take more mud, so you have to clean more often : (
Why not be one of the first with the new Panaracer Crosstown. No, they don't pay me for saying this, but I'm just curious how they will roll with a Brompton.
gzoladz 11 years ago
I've only tried the B braded yellow and green. Both are ok, yellows have less resistance and both are sippy in the wet.
D1v1d 11 years ago
The Schwalbe Marathons are the best mix of performance, traction and durability among the Brommie tyres. Had the Brommie Green Labels originally but I got a dramatic sidewall blow out one day. No punctures yet with the Marathons.
Chris 531 11 years ago
My wife has no punctures on her Moulton using Marathons .
Soggy Semolina Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Soggy Semolina (member) 11 years ago
We have fitted our 2 Bromptons with the recently introduced 16inch version of the supposedly puncture proof Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyres.
They weigh a bit more than the regular Marathon tyres & cost a whopping £27.50 each, but maybe its worth it for not having punctures.
Time will tell if they are as puncture proof as is claimed.
sr_formica 10 years ago
I´d like to have my B in white tyres. I think they´re Prime Comet!
But i was told that quality is not as good as Marathons. Any opinion?
Erik Sandblom 10 years ago
Subjectively I find Brompton Yellow tyres give a smoother and faster ride than Schwalbe Marathons. But the Marathons give me fewer punctures and are grippier in snow and frost. So I use the Marathons in winter and Yellows in summer.
Doc Olly 10 years ago
Schwalbe have now a "Marathon Plus" tyre which has even more Kevlar in them. I have only riden with the standard Marathons and have never had a puncture but was wondering if anyone from experience can rate the Plus tyre in comparison.
Have ordered a pair from my LBS but will wait till my standards have worn down before fitting them, then will post my review.
Dumoulin Bicyclettes 10 years ago
I've tried Brompton Yellow (to much flats), Brompton Green (with kevlar), great, and the Marathon who are the better choice. Fast, solid, puncture protection and the tread is all around. My choice.
Soggy Semolina 10 years ago
We have Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyres on our Bromtons, Moulton APB's & on a Pashley Tube Rider, we have no complaints about them (except the price) & have had no punctures.
gzoladz 10 years ago
After 1.5 years of my second pair of Green B, I got the same horrible side blow as with my first pair. I bought Scwalbe Marathon now but it's been less than 1 month.

My preference at the moment is

1. Yellow (I have had better luck with these than with the Greens, where the kevlar part doesnt seem to be properly built.

2. Green B.

I am not yet including the Schwalbes.
Rob Tuffin 7 years ago
So I bought some Marathon Plus tyres based on this thread, but no one seems to have mentioned how it's impossible to get them on the wheel?

I've had several punctures in the past week so I've had the tyres off the rims frequently, and whilst it's not the easiest job I have become fairly used to it. However these Marathon Pluses have solid tyre walls that just won't go on the rim.

I can see this thread hasn't been used in for 3 years but I wanted to mention this for anyone else that stumbles across it as currently I've spent £64 on two tyres that I cannot use.
Ben Cooper 7 years ago
It's not impossible - I fit them all the time. They are stiffer than other tyres because of the thick carcass, but the trick (as with all tyres) is to get the bead of the tyre right down into the base of the channel where the spoke nipples sit.

That, and don't use plastic tyre levers, use proper metal ones ;-)
Hudsonic Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Hudsonic (member) 7 years ago
Rob - Have a look at this vid-
MightyTiki © 7 years ago
Great advice, ordered the Schwalbe Marathon Plus for my Brompton.
Mylazybike 7 years ago
No one seems to have mention Marathon Kojaks ?

Nice light, fast rolling tyre with kevlar protection. I have tried Marathon, Marathon Plus and the stock green Brompton tyres.

Kojaks are still my favourites :)
Ancientmariner2012 Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Ancientmariner2012 (member) 6 years ago
I bought a Brompton on eBay and so far it has been extremely disappointing. The previous owner was female and I'd guess that she only weighed about 9 stones. I weigh about 13 stone so the Raleigh tyres that are only rated for 55 psi, drag terribly and judging by the ride the rear wheel is getting rimmed on the bumps. So far I have only ridden the bike twice, to and from the shops to get groceries when the car was being worked on, total run about four miles.

The Brompton bag is stupendous and it will carry a lot of groceries so I must try to rehabilitate the bike. I have bought a pair of Marathon tyres but for the rear wheel a Marathon Plus is going to be fitted. Possibly a different rubber block or spring might be advantageous.

My best folder is a 20" wheel, alloy frame, dual sprung "Viking Safari" (the model can no longer be found on the Internet) This was lent to a friend for an emergency (his own bike broken down and the dire need to get to work) So far fixing his puncture or whatever it was has taken over a year. Talk about taking the p***. The moral of the tale is never lend a good bike to anyone.
biketheak 5 years ago
I never put much thought into tires for my silly foldy bike. I use it very frequently, yet it wasn't much of an issue. The green label brompton tires worked fine, but i got 4 flats the first year, and ripped through a sidewall, so i bought the shwalbe marathons. That decision I regret. They are very sluggish and hard to seat.
mike.brooks40 5 years ago
I very recently bought an M6R, which I havn`t used yet, as after I`d bought the bike home I decided to have marathon Plusses fitted, which had to be ordered. They were fitted today,and now I have a pair of the original Brompton tyres going spare.
alanmbrown 2 years ago
Schwalbe marathon plus.I have them fitted to every bike I own.
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