Butterfly Collector 3:19pm, 28 August 2005
Just added some photos of the least peak like peaks you could take pictures of, not sure if they are what you guys are thinking of?
Butterfly Collector 13 years ago
...and a couple more peak like...
the marilyns would make a good guide to the minimum required peakiness
Drift Words 13 years ago
Not bad set of Peak district shots, Stuart, or was it peat district? A few too many at once for my taste, perhaps. They are decent peaks, just a little worn down, that's all.
Marilyns: Pretty interesting read of first chapter (though as a stats spod I should point out the author's error in explaining kurtosis).

If it sticks up a bit from its surroundings, it's probably worth walking, worth photographing, and is in several lists of lumps as well.

Butterfly Collector 13 years ago
DriftWords, cheers still getting used to what to post and when. Some time negotiating the subjective preferences of others is more tricky than striding edge on a windy day:)
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