Bill Bevan PRO 8:59am, 23 May 2008
There’s a new website for sharing photos, videos, comments and audio files about the Peak District that might be of interest to members of this flickr group. It’s called MyPeakExperience and is launched this week by the Peak District Interpretation Partnership. We wanted to move away from their just being websites where organisations told and showed people what the Peak District was about to creating a place where anyone who likes the Peak District can share their images, etc.

MyPeak is a members site. Members can add new places as well as upload photos, videos and audio files either from their own computers or linking from flickr and YouTube.

Each place has a page in a similar way that a person has a page on Facebook or MySpace or a member of Flickr has a photostream. As a member you control the editing of any sites you’ve added while others can contribute photos, videos, audio files and words.

There are a few pages we’ve added ourselves to start the site and already members are adding their own pages.

The website address is and there’s info on how to join, create a place and ways of making links between flickr and other sites. We’re also open to suggestions on how to improve it over the coming years.

Cheers, Bill
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