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Splendid so far!

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Drift Words says:

The group pool is doing very well for its first couple of weeks of existence. There must be more mountains out there, and more mountaineers.

Encourage your friends to join, and also if you haven't already, why not "cross-pollinate" other group pools with a few images. Don't go too mad though.

That procedure in full

- put boots on
- get up mountain
- take pictures
- tell them about flickr at the cairn on top
- come back safely
- upload delightful results
11:21AM, 7 April 2005 PDT (permalink)

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aandy says:

Being a recent convert to flickr and still figuring out the protocols for groups, pools etc, I'm kinda guessing that the thing to do is just to join the group and post pics... that's what I did anyway, someone shout at me if I've got that wrong!

All of which is really just a roundabout way of saying Hi!, great idea for a group, looking forward to seeing even more wonderful shots here.
ages ago (permalink)

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Tigernuts says:

That's exactly what I did. Hello.
ages ago (permalink)

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Drift Words says:

Nice one aandy. The best thing with these group thingies is to post a few at a time into the pool, to keep them varied. If you have more you'd like to have seen then come back and post them at a later date.

Because of the way flickr works, once you post a good one or two to the pool you'll soon have folk rummaging in your stream and any sets you have, hunting for more.
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