ewanr 3:42pm, 2 April 2005
Hmmm, not sure I have any from actual mountains - might just have to get on a trip and take some!
ewanr 13 years ago
Forgot to say, thanks for the membership :) Great idea for a group.
wonderful adjustment [deleted] 13 years ago
Thanks for starting the group. We don't have peaks in Surrey but the one I've just posted is the highest point in the county (apart from Leith Hill which has a tower on top to take the summit to 1000feet) and is a fine walk.
feersumendjinn 13 years ago
Same here, highest point in Hastings is about 170m, but I do seek out high ground where ever I go so there will be some more from me in the future.
Andy Howell PRO 13 years ago
I think ewanr has caught the spirit. Get up there!
wonderful adjustment [deleted] 13 years ago
feersumendjinn (crikey, what a lot of typing that is!). I'm a Hastings-ite. I lived there from 1973-75 and in Bexhill from 1980-1990, when I worked in Sedlescombe Road north, Hastings. At least you've got the Firehills, or maybe Beachy Head if you go a bit westwards!
publicenergy PRO 13 years ago
There are some great photos in here. I live in Nottinghamshire which is pretty flat. The Peak District is not far away though, which is nice.
publicenergy PRO 13 years ago
Strike that, they're not very nice, I've just been through them on a slideshow and there are lots of very beautiful images in there. Definitely makes me want to get out there. :)
Drift Words 13 years ago
There are some great images here, that make me lament Monday. Keep going out there, and coming back with those shots. And invite your boot-wearing friends!
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