Drift Words 1:09pm, 11 December 2005
Let's have your suggestions for a best of British Peaks 2005 collection. The aim of the collection is to show a small number (e.g. 12) of what the group thinks are the best or most interesting photos of the year.

Guidelines as to procedure:

Image must have been posted to British Peaks during 2005.

To nominate place a link or thumbnail under this thread. You may nominate your own photo. For administrative convenience, please number the nominations sequentially.

Update 21/12/05: In view of the small rate of response, the requirement to get support has been dropped this time.
To qualify, at least one person must support the nomination. To do so, they should comment to that effect here. Make use of the nomination number if the supporter is not adjacent to the nomination. You may not support your own photo.

After December 25th, if there are more than 12 nominations with support from others, there will be a process of selection, which may involve judging or voting. The precise procedure is up for grabs. Potential judges or advisors are urged to come forward.

The final selection will take place over Christmas, and the winners, if that is the right term, will be announced on January 6th.

There are no prizes, but the final selection will be prominently displayed in the group pool, the description and elsewhere.
Drift Words 13 years ago
Nomination 1:

In the Cuillins, Skye 1963
Drift Words 13 years ago
Nomination 2:

Sgurr Dhearg
Adrian Fagg PRO Posted 13 years ago. Edited by Drift Words (member) 13 years ago
This is Nomination 3:
It doesn't look much as a thumbnail but viewed large...

Drift Words Posted 13 years ago. Edited by Drift Words (member) 13 years ago
Keep the sequence of numbers going, i.e. the next nomination from here will be 4. Thanks for noticing, Adrian, there hasn't been an ... avalanche of nominations so far.
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