After-the-Rain 9:34pm, 24 February 2014
I take photo's of birds in my garden, and have been trying to find something to hide the fence, or more correctly the gaps in the fence that the sun shines through.
I've bought loads of different sorts of camo but haven't quite nailed the problem yet.
I got a camo tarpaulin, no gaps show, but, when the sun shines it records turquoise patches in my photo's, not the natural look I was hoping for.
Has anyone found a really good way of hiding a fence until the ivy grows to hide it?
TomGrumbles 4 years ago
First I am sorry to say that I have not tried any of this.
Maybe you could try a sheet of board temporarily secured in place with the tarpaulin over the top. The board to stop the light and the tarpaulin to protect the wood and for photographic effect.
Another thought is a blackout curtain to line the camouflage. This would be easer to transport to your house from the shop but would have to be removed from the fence to avoid the weather.
Food for thought if nothing else.
After-the-Rain 4 years ago
Thanks for the reply TomGrumles

I ended up in a friends wood cutting branches off a couple of fir trees brought down by the last storm.
Tied to the netting strings of the camo they work a treat, best of all they were free and natural.
My friend thought I was nuts hauling bits of tree around.
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