jmayc 7:27pm, 17 October 2012
hi everyone i live in south wales and in my garden i have a birdfeeder that attracts lots of blue/great/coal tits and robins..... i was wondering what i could put in there to help attract some different birds to my garden.... around my home i have seen lots of birds(chafinch,wren,yellow wagtail, bullfinch) but these have all been in the nearby woodland area.. could someone please suggest a type of seed etc that could attract some birds, thanks alot :)
Duncan & Janice 6 years ago
try a nijer seed feeder any goldfinches around will start to use it within a couple of weeks.
Our wagtails like dried mealworm.
try a tray style feeder or bird table some birds prefere the flat surface.
hope this helps
jmayc 6 years ago
thank you so much yes it does :)
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