What bird am I?

Mark Wills2009 3:50pm, 28 January 2010

Im very new to birdwatching, getting ready to record bird for the RSPB garden weekend and while I can now identify the starlings, black birds, doves, pigeons, chaffinch, gold finch, wren, great tit and blue tit which come to my cambridge garden, this appeared today? Not sure what Im looking at best I have done so far is a young/female sparrow? but would appreciate a more expert identification.

Sorry about the quality of the shots did it quickly through double glazing and 300mm is really not long enough for this little chap at 25 feet.



thanks for your help
Bobs Images PRO 8 years ago
Could be a young Greenfinch.
Blackcap1000 8 years ago
this is a female chaffinch
Diddlecome Dawcock 8 years ago
Definitely a female Chaffinch
Thanks for your help it appeard at the end of my hour watch for the RSPB survey so its going down as a Chaffinch
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