British Bird Lovers 11:54am, 7 June 2009

This is a thread to introduce yourself to other members of the group. There's already lots of fantastic pictures of garden birds - some of the photography is simply stunning.

I hope you all enjoy the shots.

Thank you!
HappySnapper_1 9 years ago
Hi, I'm Toni (from Herefordshire). Can't think of many things better than watching the activity & antics in my garden.... Still learning to take action snaps though - some on here are fab! Look forward to seeing more............ :-)
The real Kingrat PRO 9 years ago
I'm Rob. Just Upgraded from a 400D to a 50D (thanks Santa) and have discovered I really enjoy sitting fo hours in the freezing cold taking pictures of birds !! I'm still very much a beginner and can only dream of ever managing shots like I've seen here.
achilles500 PRO 9 years ago
Hi all, my name is Steve and I'm living in South Wales. Love all kinds of nature especially the birds that frequent my bird feeders.
J*A*L PRO 5 years ago
Hello everyone , I love garden wildlife and am frequently photographing and observing it!!!:-)
few house [deleted] 4 years ago
I was never interested in birds really, until illness made me house bound a lot of the time, I borrowed a 70-300, turned my shed into an open doored hide and fell in love with the little guys who visit my various feeders. I now use a Sigma 150-500 and are praying for sunlight so I can make the most out of the incredibly sharp lens.
If I name birds wrongly please help me out, thank you.

newarkbelle 4 years ago
Looks like there has been no introductions for a while but thought I would say hello and add a few photos. I am in Scotland and often photograph the birds in my garden. Hobby photographer and still need plenty practice
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